3 Dallas Cowboys Players Baptized in Team’s Training Room Pool

Source: www.ajc.com

Three Dallas Cowboys players got baptized on Tuesday, and that video has been posted on Facebook by team’s chaplain Jonathan Evans. This clip has more than 3.5 million views, and it has been shared more than 53,000 times.

Evan wrote: “It was an honor to baptize 3 Dallas Cowboys who identify themselves as Christ followers first!”

The players who got baptized were linebacker Anthony Hitchens, safety Kavon Frazier, and linebacker Justin March Lillard. Many Cowboys fans were thrilled to see them baptized in the team’s training room pool. Their commitment to the Cowboys organization is huge, and it shows.

One woman commented: “The Dallas Cowboys have always been known as ‘God’s team! Taking that title a little further they said that is why there was always a hole in the roof, so he could see his team play!”

Source: 247sports.com

God’s team or not, Dallas Cowboys have been struggling lately. Ever since Elliott got suspended, Dallas has lost three games and won only two. In the three consecutive losses, the whole squad couldn’t deliver with Prescott struggling to watch. It must have been painful for Cowboys fans to see their team lose three times in a row.

However, a breath of fresh air came against the Washington Redskins last week. It was a much-needed win, and thankfully, good performance continued, and America’s Team managed to beat New York Giants on Sunday. After the Giants, the ‘Boys are facing the Oakland Raiders, Atlanta Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles. The schedule is tough, and if they want even to have a chance in reaching the playoff, they must secure W in each of these encounters.