3 Reasons Why Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Garrett Will be Fired


4Why Dallas Cowboys’ Jason Garrett Will be Fired?


Dallas Cowboys are in a tough position, and with the 7-6 score, they are fighting for a wildcard spot. If they fail to qualify, will Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett get fired?

The Dallas squad took the fans on a rollercoaster ride this season with dramatic ups and downs. Their leading running back, Ezekiel Elliott received a suspension, whereas some of the key players have been on and off with injuries. Dak Prescott showed how much he needed Elliott in the backfield, Bryant’s efficiency is questionable, whereas owner Jerry Jones creates unnecessary drama with a conflict with Commissioner Roger Goodell.

With so much going on, it is no wonder that Dallas lost three in a row and they went from a solid to underachieving team this season. Add head coach Jason Garrett to the equation, and everybody gets their part of the blame. According to the rumors, America’s Team will fire Garrett if they don’t reach playoffs. But is that true?

Most Cowboys fans believe Garrett will stay despite the outcome and the common thing you will hear is: “Jones loves Garrett because that’s his puppet and he’ll do whatever Jones says!” Let’s assume that is true and that Jones pulls all the strings, but does that make Garrett immune to being fired?

Jones spoke of Garrett on one occasion: “No one understands any better where we need to improve than Jason does. I think what you’re seeing this week is what good coaching will bring us. This is where you call on good coaching.”

We need to read between the lines. What Jones is actually saying is that Jason better shows what he can do now – this is his time to shine (or fall under pressure). Some people may blame the injuries, but players injure on other teams as well. Here are three reasons why Garrett could get fired.