3 Reasons Why You Should Shop for Lingerie Online


Many women are hesitant to shop for lingerie online, which is understandable. It is true that buying lingerie—or anything, really—online can be risky, but that’s only if you don’t do it right. Before you shop for lingerie online, make sure know your correct measurements—and always look at online size charts carefully for each style you’re considering before making a purchase. As long as you take these necessary precautions and are careful to only make purchases from retailers with plenty of positive customer reviews and guaranteed fair shipping and return policies, there’s no reason to be nervous about shopping for lingerie online.

In fact, there are actually many advantages to online lingerie shopping that can make it preferable to buying lingerie in physical stores. From added privacy and convenience to more inclusive style options for women of all shapes and sizes, online lingerie shopping offers several benefits that you just can’t get while shopping for lingerie in a brick-and-mortar department store or chain retailer.


Privacy and Convenience

For many women, privacy is the number-one benefit of shopping for lingerie online versus in a physical store. There’s no reason to feel ashamed about shopping for lingerie, but it’s also natural to feel a little uncomfortable shopping for bras and panties in public.

Online lingerie shopping gives you the opportunity to look at lingerie styles on your computer screen from the privacy of your own home, so you can take your time browsing without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable. It is also much more convenient to browse lingerie from the comfort of your bed or living room than to drag yourself out to go shopping for lingerie in a brick-and-mortar store.

More Inclusive Options

If you walk into a lingerie chain or the bra and panties section of a major department store, you’ll likely find a wide selection of lingerie in sizes XS/S to L/XL and bra cup sizes 32A to 32DD. This is the standard range of lingerie sizes sold in physical stores, but it unfortunately only represents a very small subset of real women’s bodies.

Online-based lingerie companies like Panache, HauteFlair, and Adore Me offer expansive selections of top-quality lingerie designed specifically for curvy and plus size women whose figures don’t conform to the narrow set of standard sizes available in physical lingerie stores. The plus size lingerie lines from these online lingerie retailers include more inclusive sizes for bras, panties, and other lingerie styles.


Affordable Prices

Not only does shopping online for lingerie help you find more inclusive styles than you would find in department stores or major chain lingerie stores, it also gives you access to these styles and more at much more affordable prices. If you were to visit a brick-and-mortar high-end designer lingerie boutique, you could expect to pay a pretty penny for the styles you would find there.

Online, on the other hand, you can find plenty of luxury lingerie retailers that offer high-end lingerie in a wide range of sizes with much more affordable price tags than you’d ever find in a physical store. Online lingerie retailers are able to offer top-quality lingerie at lower prices because they do not have to pay as much in overhead expenses as brick-and-mortar lingerie stores do just to keep their business afloat.