4 Classic Office Attire Tips That Graduates Should Know


When you step into the professional world after graduation, you will immediately notice that it does have its set of requirements. You need to familiarise yourself with professional attire whether you have already got a job lined up or you are still searching for it.

To make your life easier, we have compiled the perfect guide to the post-graduate closet.

Women are quite fashion conscious, and they do not want to compromise on their fashion sense even in the office. However, the mistake most women do is that they have got a lot of fancy tops in their closet, but they fail to realize the importance of plain button-ups.

Get hold of plain button-up tops


Well, if you have just decided to join an office, then make sure that you get hold of plain button-up tops. The benefit of the button-up is that they pair up perfectly with the pencil skirts.

Do not forget the importance of attire made up of lightweight material

If you are eager to get a feminine look, then make it a point to go for a blouse that is made from lightweight material.

Never forget the significance of neutral colors


The neutral colors also hold a lot of significance in your post-graduate closet. The neutral colors will come to your rescue when you want to pair them up with a statement necklace. When you add up neutral colored tops in your wardrobe, then they will also compliment the bright pattern bottoms.

Focusing on the apt selection of bottoms

Now, many women do not pay a lot of attention to the bottoms when it comes to their office attire. Well, it is a wrong approach altogether. When you are out to buy your office wardrobe, then you should make it a point to get hold of two types of bottoms.

You should buy pencil skirts and tailored pants also. If you are a fresh graduate, then you can think along the lines to get hold of cigarette pants. Avoid those to the floor length pants. You should consider opting for ankle cut pants because they give a more stylish look.


If you have decided to wear a pencil skirt in the office, then the benefit of this selection is that the pencil skirt goes well with any shoe or top. However, there are certain things you need to remember when selecting your pencil skirt.

Your pencil skirt should not be made up of jersey fabric because it does not give a stylish look.

There are some other basic tips you should keep in mind when selecting your office attire. For example, you should prefer to choose the higher necklines. It will be a smart idea to go for the fully covered shoulders because it gives a more decent look. You can even go for three-quarter sleeves to get that professional look so keep these women business casual tips in mind.

If you have any celebration or party at your office, then you can go for cocktail attire for women. Make sure that you study the environment in your office and then make your mind about your attire.