4 Fundraising Ideas for Charity


A lot of times, many non-profit organizations look for several different ways to bring a bit of revenue to keep it running. Other times, these organizations exist to provide charity to those in need such as schools, the homeless and the sick.

These types of organizations that do not do the work for money usually have to way of obtaining funds. They can either find someone a sponsor or a few donors that will provide enough for the charity. The other way is to start doing fundraisers, accumulating enough money from various donators.

However, coming up with a fundraising idea that will be able to achieve a certain goal is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of ideas can sometimes be a complete failure which is why a lot of people try to come up with something that will be unique and eye-catching to every passerby. Although, not always can you come up with a new plan from scratch, so you take an already existing one and alter it to your needs, making it more unique.

To help you with your brainstorming here are some fundraising ideas for charity.

1. Fifty-fifty Raffle


This is probably one of the most effective ways of raising funds while it is also quite simple. In this event, you provide your customers with a raffle ticket that has a chance to win a reward. Half of the proceeds from the ticket purchases will go towards the charity while the other half goes to the winner.

It is so effective because it gives people enough motivation to keep buying more and more tickets which increases the prize pool. The bigger the prize pool, the bigger the taking for the person who gets the jackpot.

Make sure you set up this raffle somewhere in the open where a lot of people are passing by. Consider getting a big enough LCD display to show the current size of the prize. This will attract even more people to buy a ticket. It is also important to note that everyone can an infinite number of tickets, you shouldn’t limit the number of purchases, so make sure that you come with enough tickets or you will end up well before the event.

2. Brick Fundraising


One of the better ways to raise some cash for social clubs, churches or schools. It requires a bit more organizing at the start, but it is still quite simple.

You will need to find a company that will have the ability to provide you with the bricks you need for your event. Keep in mind, they will have to be engraved if you want your fundraising to be successful.

So, how does this event work? Well, once you got a big enough supply of bricks, you can then offer people to buy a brick as a way to support your charity. After the purchase, the brick can then be used to build a wall, a pathway, or a new classroom for the school which will symbolize the support of the donors. What’s so appealing about this idea is that the people who purchase these bricks will have their names engraved on them. In other words, it commemorates those who have been supportive of the cause.

You could also split the donations into several levels. For example, a $20 brick lets people have their name engraved while a $50 brick will give them the ability to engrave their name and whatever else they want. If you want to know more about bricks for fundraising, click here.

3. Bake Sale


Having a bake sale for charity has been one of the more favorite ways of raising money for non-profit organizations. It is easy, fun and tasty!

It works by simply allowing supporters and other people who volunteer to donate their own baking whether it is a cake, a pie, a candy bar, cookies or whatever else they are skilled in.

But, why are they so popular? Well, who doesn’t like the idea of helping the needy while getting a piece of cake, right? It is a popular way to raise funds because it is easy for everyone. Baking a bunch of cookies is definitely no hassle and donating them even less. After enough donations have been gathered, customers can come and go and buy what they like. Of course, an entire will probably a bit more expensive than just one batch of cookies. It doesn’t require a lot of skill, so it can be participated by anyone.

It’s a win for everyone during this event. You gather the funds needed for the charity, the buyers will be happy with their sweets and the bakers will be happy that people are enjoying their food.

4. Car Wash


You probably have already been in a situation where you feel like your car is simply too dirty, but you do not have enough time to wash it because you have to get your kids to school and then immediately go to work.

Well, thanks to car wash fundraising, people can get a quick car wash while dropping off their children or when going to the supermarket. Since most of these events are usually held in the school parking lot, in front of the supermarket or next to the neighborhood church. Why these exact places you might think? Well, because these places are filled with people who are in a hurry which means that their car can get quickly washed while they are doing their thing. Click here and find out more.

So, it basically works by finding a few volunteers and supporters that will be willing to wash cars for your charity. Customers leave their cars, pay you for the car wash and then you and your volunteers will wash it. Naturally, if you are three or four people working on just one vehicle, you will have it ready in just a couple of minutes.

It’s a great way to raise funds and almost anyone can do it. Kids will also want to volunteer for your car wash event and they will have tons of fun while working hard.