4 Key Qualities That You Want With Hernia Support Briefs

A hernia is a condition that involves a weakened abdominal wall that makes it easier for an internal organ to move out of position.

The condition may be temporary or it may be permanent, In any case, wearing the right type of Canmeddirect hernia support briefs makes it easier to manage the health issue while you and your doctor determine if it’s time to undergo a surgical procedure.
Here are four qualities you want those briefs to provide.

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You’re already dealing with pain from the hernia; the last thing that you need is undergarments that trigger more discomfort. Invest in briefs that are made using sturdy but comfortable material.

Along with eliminating a potential source of more pain, comfortable designs also make it all the easier to remove and replace an indwelling catheter when the need arises.

Keep in mind part of the comfort factor has to do with how the briefs look. You may be surprised to find that many designs look quite a bit like standard briefs. For example, there are designs that look quite a bit like the usual boxer briefs designed for men.

That will make you feel less self-conscious about wearing the briefs and allow you to enjoy a sense of comfort on more than just the physical level.

Adequate Support

The whole point of wearing hernia support briefs rather than standard undergarments is to stabilize the hernia and minimize damage to the internal organs. Some materials work better than others. You want briefs that are snug without feeling confining, and that will move with you as you walk, sit, or do all the other things that you do each day. Through it all, they must reinforce that weakened abdominal wall and prevent additional shifting of your internal organs.

Easy to Adjust

The right brief design will also come with straps and other design elements that make it easier to contour them to your figure. The nice thing about this feature is that you can adjust the straps if you should lose or gain weight rather than having to buy new sets of briefs.

It also means you can quickly loosen the briefs when you need to switch out an indwelling catheter, then have them back in place without any difficulty.

No Special Laundering Instructions

Every garment comes with some type of laundering instructions. Ideally, your hernia support briefs can be washed and dried without having to do anything out of the ordinary.

Always check the instructions of general care, including the type of wash cycle you should use when laundering the briefs. You’ll find the better brands are easy to keep clean and will hold up well over time.

Are you facing the prospect of living with a hernia for any length of time? Will you also need to use an indwelling catheter while you and your doctor make decisions about undergoing surgery?

Take the time to compare brief designs, including how you can adjust the fit and what should be done to launder them safely. With a little attention to detail, you can enjoy the relief from pain they provide and get on with your life.