4 Questions to Ask About Treating Cavities

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There’s something going on with a molar and you are pretty sure it’s tooth decay. Your Markham dentist confirms that the tooth needs to be treated and filled.
Before the process begins, the dentist will be happy to answer all of your questions. Here are a few that should be on the list.

Will It Hurt?

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Depending on how deep the decay happens to run, there is a chance of some discomfort while the dead portion is removed. If you ask friends if the dentists near me in Markham do anything for the pain, you’ll find that most dental professionals will administer local anesthetic to temporarily deaden the sensation around the tooth. You’ll be perfectly comfortable while the work is being done.

You will likely have some sensitivity and a little soreness once the anesthetic wears off, but the dentist will provide suggestions on how to minimize discomfort over the next day or two.

What Sort of Fillings are Available?

Your Markham dentist will go over the pros and cons associated with different filling materials. You can opt for metal fillings like gold or possibly a silver amalgam. There’s also porcelain fillings that are often paired with crowns.

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Composite resin fillings are popular today for a number of reasons. Once you understand the options and how they compare to one another, it will be easy to select one that works for you.

Do I Need to Restrict My Activities For Any Amount of Time?

Dentists near me in Markham typically provide patients with a short list of things to avoid in the hours and days after having a tooth filled. Compared to things to avoid after having other types of dental work done, the list is short.

You should avoid eating or drinking anything until after the anesthetic wears off. Consider only consuming food and beverages that are served at room temperature for a couple of days. Soft foods are the order of the day for a short time. Until the tenderness subsides, consider chewing on the opposite side of the mouth.

It’s usually fine to go back to work, go shopping, or do whatever you like in the hours after the anesthetic wears off. If you do have a chronic condition or other health concern, discuss it with the dentist. That will help you make any other temporary adjustments that are necessary.

How Long Will the Filling Last?

As the Markham dentist will explain, a number of factors determine how long the filling will last. Most people will get at least five years of use before a replacement is needed. Others may keep the same fillings for up to 15 years.

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Annual dental exams will ensure you know when the time is getting close for replacing an existing filling.

Do you believe there’s a cavity developing? Visit one of the dentists near me in Markham and have a checkup. If there is a cavity present, it can be treated quickly and ensure you get to keep that tooth for many years to come.