4 Ways To Generate More Sales For Your Ecommerce Business



Generating e-commerce sales is tough due to the rising competition. Especially in the case of new businesses, making new customers takes both time and effort. Around 90% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first year of their launch. Hence, it is important to use the right strategies to make your business successful.

Perfecting your SEO is the biggest essential. Here is a great guide to SEO where you will find the right strategies to optimize your website. Besides perfecting your SEO, here are some great tactics to generate more revenue for your e-commerce business:

1- Leverage The Power of Social Selling

Social selling lets you sell your products using the major social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. It is recommended that you should directly sell your products on these social platforms.

You can get started with social selling using Shopify. Customers are able to fully browse and directly buy them when they want to. Besides, you can even use the power of Facebook messenger to chat with potential customers and assist them with their purchase.

2- List Your Products On Niche Portals

One of the easiest and the most powerful ways to promote your products and generate more sales is by listing your products on niche portals. The below portals are highly recommended depending on your niche:

Amazon – A global marketplace and is a must platform for every kind of business. Simply register as a seller and start selling your products directly on Amazon.

Etsy – It is a platform for gifts and vintage items. If you are a seller of gifts, handicrafts or vintage crafts then you must list your products on Etsy.

Mercato – It is one of the most popular platform for grocery delivery. If you are a grocery seller then you can list your products on Mercato and generate good sales.

Ebay – Similar to Amazon, eBay is a global marketplace where you can sell any item after registering yourself as a seller.

3- Use Chatbots To Generate Engagement

Chatbots are a kind of program that is used to generate engagement on your website. Imagine a customer support executive that assists your customers 24×7 without getting exhausted and angry. This is what a chatbot can do. It can assist customers like a friend and provide the best product suggestions depending on the choice of the customer.

Websites having chatbots have more than double conversions as compared to the ones who don’t have chatbots. H&M’s Kik chatbot is a great example of e-commerce chatbot that assists the customers to buy a product of their choice.

4- Use Videos To Demonstrate Product Features

We are living in the age of videos. In the coming months, a video is going to be the most consumed medium of information. Generation Z hates reading text and love watching videos.

As an e-commerce site owner, you can add videos in your product pages that properly explains the top features of your product. Besides, you can use videos to add customer testimonials that will help to raise customer trust and raise conversions. Last but not least, do not forget to take the help of video marketing tools to solidify your branding.


Launching an e-commerce site is extremely easy but generating sales out of it is extremely difficult. You can use the power of the above 4 strategies to generate maximum sales for your business.