5 Best Movies About Sports/Sports Betting


If you’re a sports fan, you know how a thrilling experience can be watching a live match and supporting your favorite team. Maybe, you’ve even been tempted to give sports betting a try. Although such a practice is condemned by many people who claim that betting can be highly addictive, it’s adored by most sports fans who take great pleasure in predicting who wins. Today, the Internet sports betting business is getting more and more popular. Browsing the web, you can come across many websites offering you such services. One of them is Sportsbet, where you can keep up with most matches and sports leagues.
For real fans, however, it’s not enough. They usually look for other forms of expression, such as sportscasts and films about sports and sports betting, which provide them with similarly strong emotions as betting itself. What are the best movies touching this topic? Let’s take a look at the following propositions.

1. Casino

Among the most popular films about sports betting, you can distinguish Casino- a 1995 American epic crime film with amazing roles of such stars as Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. What’s interesting, the film is based on a nonfiction book with characters based on real figures. Although some people may claim that it has nothing to do with sports betting, that’s not true. The main character- Sam “Ace” Rothstein, is a sports handicapper who is sent to the Chicago Outfit to run daily casino and hotel operations in Las Vegas. He’s supported by his friend “Nicky” and his wife, Ginger McKenna. From this film, the viewer can learn about casino operations, the Mafia’s involvement with the casino, and the gradual breakdown of the character’s relationships. Gambling is commonly regarded as a kind of sport, so why not call this film the one about sports betting?

2. Bookies

Are you keen on watching something German? Then you can reach for Bookies- a film about three college students who start-up a successful bookie business. What does it have in common with sports betting? When their business takes off, the teenagers are threatened by two local Italian bookies with whom they bet on a boxing match. After this incident and paying off the Italians, the friends go their separate ways.

3. Two for the Money

Another exciting film about sports gambling is Two for the Money, starring many famous actors, including Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, and Rene Russo. The plot hangs around a former college football star who, after the injury, engages himself in handicapping football games. Being noticed by Walter Abrams, the head of one of the biggest sports consulting operations in the United States, both men start cooperating, in consequence of which they earn tremendous amounts of money. They combine the knowledge of the game, leagues, and players with Abrams’ television experience, making huge profits. However, not everything goes as smoothly as they expected. If you’re interested in their further adventures, don’t waste time and reach for this Hollywood production, and for sure, you won’t regret it.

4. Even Money

And maybe you’re a fan of sports and crime stories? If yes, your choice should fall on Even Money, a complicated story of three strangers who lead healthy lives, but they are covertly addicted to gambling, and their lives stories are intertwined. An incredibly accurate and touching picture of people who get confused and lost. Something perfect for a lonely evening in front of the TV.

5. Lay the Favourite

From more recent productions, you can watch Lay the Favourite- an American comedy-drama from 2012, starring Bruce Willis, Rebecca Hall, Catherina Zeta-Jones and Joshua Jackson. One of the characters being bored with her life in Florida moves to Las Vegas, where she meets Dink, who is a professional gambler. Beth discovers her sharp mind for numbers and natural talent for sports betting, thanks to which she becomes a full-time “shark.” After meeting a young journalist from New York, she decides to move there with him. However, she doesn’t quit gambling, which is illegal in New York. At the end of the film, Beth is rescued by Dink and his wife, who come to New York and support the New Jersey basketball team, which allows everyone to clear their gambling debts. Why should you watch this film? Because it’s based on the true story of Beth Raymer’s memoir, who goes to college and becomes a writer.

Based on these examples, you can see that many of these stories aren’t only fictional pictures created by filmmakers and directors to capture the applause of the audience. Most of them have their roots in real stories that happened to real people. And although sports betting may be a gripping experience, it can also become a dangerous addiction, when not controlled.