5 Reasons to Buy the Cheapest Proxy Package

Whether you are marketers, SEO specialists or web developers, you are in need of a reliable proxy server. Luckily for all of you, there are specially made types of services.

You think that cheap servers are also bad? You could not be more wrong. When choosing the right one, keep in my mind your needs, not the price.

For some of the tasks, you could freely use shared proxies. Besides being cheaper, they offer great opportunities for everybody. Therefore, we have decided to remind you of some of the ways you can use this phenomenal bargain!

What’s the cheapest proxy service?

It is no doubt that shared proxies are the cheapest ones. The cost of maintaining these servers is split between several users. Hence, the lower prices. If it would help you, you can think of shared proxies as public transport. You share expenses with others since you are all going to the same place.

Furthermore, there are free shared proxies, but they are not that reliable. It is much better to actually buy shared proxies. If something is free, it doesn’t mean that it is the best solution.

These sorts of proxies offer individuals a way to access websites that are blocked. You’d use them if:

  • some websites are restricted in your workplace
  • you cannot access a website from your location

Both point mainly to social media. But there are other websites that are blocked too for the same reasons.

Also, shared proxies can help you to protect yourself from menacing malware. This allows you to access websites without any worries, and you can also roam the web freely. In other words, you can hide your Internet activity. That’s what also makes them a great tool for downloading torrents.

In addition, sometimes you cannot access some content from your location. Usually, it has something to do with different kinds of media content. This can be due to laws of that country, or that content was simply intended for a different market.


SSLPrivateProxy offer great prices for all of their products, so it’s one of the best places if you are looking to buy cheap proxies. Also, they possess great infrastructure and top-notch customer support.

Still, although they have a variety of good services, we will focus on shared proxies. Depending on your needs, you can choose how many proxies you need. Naturally, the more proxies you take, the lower the price. However, even if you choose to buy 10 proxies, you get a great price per proxy — 1.11 $. Also, the price is lower if you choose to subscribe for a longer period than one month.

If you realize that you need to buy 50 proxies, these are the prices:

  • 1 Month Price – 47.50 $
  • 3 Month Price – 46.07 $
  • 6 Month Price – 65 $

But if you need more proxies on a monthly basis, they have that too. There are packages that offer 100, 250, 500 and even 1000 proxies. These are the prices for a package that consists of 1000 proxies:

  • 1 Month Price – 650.00 $
  • 3 Month Price – 635.00 $
  • 6 Month Price – 00 $

The main difference between dedicated proxy and shared proxy IPs

As we already stated, several people use a shared proxy server. This represents a great solution for people who are looking to buy cheap proxies. On the other hand, only one person gets to use a dedicated proxy, which is a fine idea since you get the maximum speed and overall performance. Also, you do not need to worry about getting banned due to another user’s activity.

Usually, businesses use dedicated proxies, as they are in need of the best possible service. Therefore, they do not care about the cost because they cannot jeopardize their company’s position due to saving a few bucks. Moreover, dedicated proxies offer a wide variety of geographical locations for your IP addresses. It is also quite helpful to mention that dedicated proxies are sometimes referred to as private proxies.

In any case, when it comes to their use, it can be quite diverse.

  • Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Pokemon Go
  • Sneaker proxies
  • Proxies for ticketing purposes
  • SaaS, Cloud and App store optimization developers

Social network proxies are in particularly high demand, as marketers often need to control more than one account. The problem is that they can only control up to five accounts from one address. However, with the use of proxy servers, they can control as many as they need to.

Developers need a highly efficient and secure service. So, it is no wonder that they are in favor of dedicated proxies.

When it comes to sneakers, manufacturers sometimes issue special editions of their products. With proxy servers, you can buy them and later sell them. This is one of the ways of generating profit through proxy servers.

But why should everyone buy cheap proxies? Here are just a few reasons

Firstly, it is needless to say that the cheapest proxy packages are good for any budget. With sharing the expenses, you minimize the costs.

Secondly, multiple users share the same proxy and also the same IP address. However, due to many activities, it is hard to track the activity of one person. So in order to get a lot of IP addresses, it is smart to acquire bulk shared proxies.

Thirdly, a rotating IP proxy rotates many IP addresses in order to stay anonymous. That way, web servers cannot recognize you or your Internet activity. Moreover, you can access a website from a different address or even from a different geographical location. If you rotate your IP addresses often enough, you can do your tasks freely. Still, try not to send requests from sequential IP addresses.

This feature is also very important for web scrapers. Since they perform automated tasks, they often lose access to the wanted website. Therefore, they are not able to do their job. Furthermore, you can create your own rotating proxy through Python 3. That way, you can get even better results.

Fourthly, do not forget to ask your provider to issue new proxies every month. This represents a great way of keeping your anonymity. With a new set of proxies, you can continue performing your tasks on the web. Furthermore, your IP addresses will not be banned, and you can continue with, for example, web scraping.

The fifth reason has to do with the nature of these proxies and how they work. Except for the collection of data, people buy cheap proxies for researching markets.

Moreover, shared proxies are without a doubt the cheapest proxy servers. Thus, it is no wonder that non-professionals acquire them for web anonymity.

However, SEO specialists are also looking to buy cheap proxies since they can use them in any available browser. These types of proxies can help them to check the efficiency of keywords in search engines. This is important since it allows them to generate more traffic. It would mean that they would finally have a better position on the market.

When you should use the cheapest proxies

Shared proxies are a great solution when you are looking to buy cheap proxies. However, you should be aware of some the dangers of using these.The problem is that you sometimes do not know how many users there are.

Although you share expenses, you also share the IP addresses. Consequently, that can have many drawbacks. First of all, do not think that you will get the maximum speed with the cheapest proxy service. Due to many users, you can expect to experience some lag. Furthermore, if only one user is banned for suspicious activities, you will all lose access. You are responsible not only for your actions but for others’ as well.

There is another instance where Google can block you. Since you are all using the same IP address, your activities can turn out to be suspicious. In that case, you will end up in the spam category. Because of that, you will need to enter a captcha code, which is another way of limiting your Internet experience.

It is also important to point out that shared proxies are less secure and reliable than dedicated proxies. With them, you sometimes cannot even choose the geographical location. Another problem is that you cannot use them for social networks. So, it is no wonder that providers have special offers, for example, Instagram proxy servers.


If you are looking to buy cheap proxies — shared proxies are the best. They can offer anonymity and unlimited access to regular users.

Also, they can prove to be quite useful to professionals too — SEO specialists are especially quite fond of them. Their tasks need no authentication, so they can use them for automated actions. Also, shared proxies are great for web scraping, as they allow Internet marketers to keep a better track of their competition.

However, there are certain risks with using the cheapest proxy service. For instance, you can lose access due to one of the user’s activities. Also, you have to count on not having the maximum speed and that you might not be able to choose the geographical location.

Still, although they have some drawbacks, shared proxies have their purpose for both regular users and professionals. So according to your needs, choose the best service available.