5 Summer Car Accessories That You Need To Know About

Img source: tripsavvy.com

There are a lot of potential accessories you can use in a car, and some devices are going to be more desirable than others.

Following, five considerable accessories will be explored to help give you an idea of the potential your vehicle may have that you haven’t considered.

1. A Touchscreen Rearview Mirror

The Yi Mirror Dash Camera provides you better backup capability while additionally making it possible to see vehicles behind you. Basically, your rearview mirror has a camera feed sent to it from a camera at the back of your vehicle, allowing you to back up with greater accuracy and safety, helping you more quickly get into tight spaces.

Img source: wired.com

You can then tap the screen and use it as a traditional mirror. Especially if you’re driving off-road, or in heavy traffic, or dealing with people leaving a festival, this can be a great accessory to have this summer.

2. Vacuums That Use Lighter Sockets For Power

A lot of sand, dust, dirt, and debris is apt to enter your vehicle if you’re regularly traveling. You need to vacuum that up! When you can just plug your vacuum into a lighter socket, that’s pretty convenient. There are some powerful little dust-buster units out there, and you can find them in multiple “flavors”, if you will, from different manufacturers.

3. Towbars

Img source: towbarsandtowing.co.uk

Towbars are key in hauling toys like jet skis, motorcycles, trailers, fifth-wheel RVs, and even friends who have broken down and need a ride. If you’re not sure how to install a towbar on your vehicle, or if your vehicle can sustain one, it’s possible to get some information from installers beforehand to be sure—you can just call them up and see!

4. Rooftop Hammocks, Like Those From TrailNest

TrailNest has a rooftop hammock which makes it possible for you to comfortably rest anywhere you want, above the ground, turning even smaller vehicles into those of a recreational kind with a simple installation. As van-dwelling becomes an increasingly prevalent component of the modern atmosphere, add-ons like these are essential.

Even so, if you’re just looking to travel a little bit and have some adventures, having a roof-mounted hammock like this can make the wilderness your comfortable backyard.

5. Road Showers Mounted On Roof Racks

Basically, road showers are a tank which is secured on the roof racks of varying vehicles. These tanks have a little shower head you can activate and use as a means of cleaning yourself. With a roof-mounted shower and hammock in conjunction with vacuums, towbars, and other accessories, you can make a little Jeep into your mobile command base!

Img source: roadshower.com

Especially if you’re traveling Australia’s wide outback, you want to have means of sleeping and showering comfortably. Hotels are often few and far between, and sleeping on the cold hard ground can be dangerous; especially if you’re in a spot known for its arachnids. The last thing you want is a huntsman creeping in your sleeping bag. Though if you do encounter one, their bite isn’t very lethal; just painful and frightening.

Maximizing Your Car For The Summer

Whether you plan on spending your summer raving at varying festivals, exploring the outback, fishing, camping, or traveling, there are a lot of vehicular accessories worth considering to maximize your experience.

As vehicles become an increasing core component of people’s lives, you can only expect these innovations to become more numerous and reliable going forward. At the very least, you may want to look into some of the options available today to get your imagination going.