5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Car Accident Lawyers


A “car accident” attorney is a legal professional in the personal injury field who specializes in harms related to vehicle collisions. Such lawyers likely practice other forms of personal injury law, but they have special experience in this area.

Vehicle injury lawyers do a lot of good in the world, but unfortunately, many people harbor misconceptions about the profession. These lawyers are often painted as greedy, pushy individuals when their primary goal is to help people.

You’ve probably heard a few myths about car accident attorneys. Let’s lay some of those notions to rest and look at what a good car accident lawyer such as one at FlemingAttorneys.com can do for you.

1.Myth: Car accident attorneys are expensive


Lawyer in general are expensive. Depending on the specialty and your geographical location, you may be quoted an hourly wage of $200+ per hour.

A car accident lawyer will be little different, but the cost of his or her services won’t hurt because you pay your legal counsel only if you win the case. When you win, your legal representative will take a fee from the winnings; it doesn’t cost anything to hire the person at the beginning.

If a car accident lawyer tries to take an up-front fee for services, that individual is not practicing ethical personal-injury law, and you should look elsewhere. Also, a good lawyer will not take your case if she or he doesn’t think you can win.

Since the person doesn’t get paid if the case is not successful, he or she has a major incentive to take only cases that have a solid chance, and to do the best lawyer can to win.

2. Truth: Car accident attorney can help you with a shifty insurance company


Personal-injury lawyers not only help you recover compensation for medical bills, car damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering, but they can also compel your insurance company to pay what’s owed.

Insurance companies infamously look out for number one. They don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind, despite the claims you’ll see in their advertising claims.

When an insurance company fails to offer a fair settlement or refuses to pay at all, a car accident lawyer steps in to change its mind.

3. Truth: A car accident attorney isn’t necessary to sue the other driver, but you’ll be glad you have one


In most states, it’s not a prerequisite that you hire a personal injury or vehicle collision lawyer to represent you in court. If you hope to land an adequate settlement, however, you won’t try to do this alone. For more details you can visit SadakaFirm.

Car accident lawyers know the law inside and out. They understand how to manipulate a situation in your favor by using the strong arm of the law.

Their experience and knowledge of complex legal matters in your state will be invaluable for arriving at a decent settlement. The bottom line? You’ll earn more if you retain a car accident lawyer to handle your case, even if the fee cuts into your winnings.

4. Truth: You shouldn’t use your cousin who’s a real estate attorney in another state


When you must litigate a car crash claim, it’s essential to hire an attorney who has experience in vehicle accident law and resides in your state. There’s a reason attorneys specialize in a certain field or a group of related fields.

The laws are typically too detailed and complicated for a single person to master all types of law. Lawyer who specializes in an area other than personal injury would not be well-versed in that subject and might well commit errors that, at the worst, could cause your case to be thrown out.

Laws differ massively from state to state, especially where it comes to car accidents and personal injury laws. Some states are no-fault states and others have short statutes of limitations you mustn’t miss.

It’s crucial to select an attorney who understands the differences, so he or she doesn’t make a costly mistake on your behalf.

5. Truth: Not all car accident attorneys are equal … so choose wisely


It’s critical to use due diligence when you hunt for a car accident attorney. Some are substantially more skilled and experienced than others, and those on the lower end of the spectrum may also commit costly errors.

When selecting legal counsel, you should keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Shop around. Get at least three names of reputable lawyers in the region.
  • Read online reviews to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each one.
  • Visit their websites to review areas of practice, philosophies, and history.
  • Interview several attorneys who offer free consultations to determine the best fit for your situation.

When you’ve applied that level of care, you’re more likely to choose the attorney that feels right and will work best for you. Rest easy knowing you did your best to choose legal counsel who will have your best interest at heart.