5 tips for a good flyer


You regularly come into contact with flyers, whether this is on the street or whether they fall into your mailbox. If you look at the flyer this will be at most 3 seconds. Only when you are attracted to something on the flyer will you look longer. But how do you manage that? What causes a flyer to attract attention? I recently designed a flyer for an enthusiastic customer. During this process it became clear again how important it is to design a flyer in the right way. That is why I would like to give you five tips on aspects that make a flyer successful.

Clear goal

A flyer promotion needs a clear goal. Without this goal it is a shame to set up an action. Therefore, determine well in advance; what do you want to achieve with a flyer promotion? You want to promote your product or service and encourage people to take action. Do this with a clear thought behind it. For example a garage owner who wants to point out to his current and potential customers that it is wise to carry out a winter check. As a result, he shows that he thinks along and gives clear advice. With this he hopes to attract new customers. That is his goal, to send people on the road safely and to win new customers.

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Arouse curiosity

The art of a flyer is to inform people at lightning speed. A clear message that encourages people to read the flyer. Here must be exactly enough information to make them curious. By arousing curiosity, they will look longer at the flyer and are more likely to contact.

Clear hierarchy of content

How do you ensure that the information you want to tell stands out among the other text on a flyer? By using the correct hierarchy. This makes the important information more explicit and it will stand out more. Make smart use of this and people will look at your flyer for longer.

Texts with clear message

With a flyer you want to convey a certain message. The texts on the flyer largely determine the success. Because these should appeal to people. Briefly and concisely tell what your product or service is and arouse curiosity. Invest in a copywriter and you will find that your message comes across much better. For example, depending on the purpose of the flyer, the texts must be written in a promotional or incentive manner.

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Images that speak

In addition to the design and titles, images are of great importance. These show your product or service at a glance. Therefore, always ensure that the images are of good quality and tell the message correctly. This will make your flyer stand out positively. You know what kind of building the company is in and that gives confidence.

You are almost there, finish your flyer!

After processing the above tips you have almost all the information to make a flyer that can be printed. But what options do you have in terms of format and what should you not forget to do to make your flyer recognizable? You need a professional service and it’s recommended to order cheapest brochures for printing.