5 Worst Heel Turns in WWE


6Worst Heel Turns in WWE


Nothing can be done without a good villain. In WWE, we have seen a bunch of people who have played their role well – from The Iron Shiek to Samoa Joe. Sometimes, this industry needs a good, bad guy so that the audience would support the good guy. In other cases, a perfect antagonist can add fuel to the flames and spark things up.

However turning heel doesn’t always goes smoothly. If it is done correctly, it will have a positive impact on the wrestler’s career and the people around him as well. But it doesn’t work that way at all times, and more often than not, the crowd is confused, and they ask themselves what is happening. One of the recent heel turn rejection involved Becky Lynch, and the fans stood behind Lass Kicker while they booed Charlotte Flair out of the building.

What are some of the worst heel turns in WWE? You can see the top five below.