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5 WWE Superstars That Could Be Released Next

5 WWE Superstars That Could Be Released Next


The WWE decided to part ways with three stars that were on the roster, and it was a pretty big surprise for many, but somehow, we knew that something like this might happen. It was decided for Darren Young, Emma, and Summer Rae to be released. In the last couple of months, we could hear rumors about people planning to leave the company and go to the indy scene to continue their career similar to what Cody Rhodes has done. One of the wrestlers that is as good as gone is Neville and it seems that this is not final as more people are looking to leave the company. From time to time the WWE likes to clean up their roster, and that usually means that 10 people are removed from the lineup. Who might be the next?

Here we have the list of five people that might be next in line for the release. We will discuss each and every one of these wrestlers and give our thoughts about potential reasons why they might need to look for a job somewhere else.

The Colons

Recent actions were pointed at Monday Night Raw, but we know that SmackDown Live could be affected by these moves. There is a dead weight over there also. One of the best candidates to be fired are Primo and Epico. This is a duo from Puerto Rico that has been together for a long time, and at this moment they have a pretty bland gimmick as themselves. Previously they had a decent amount of success as the bullfighters and timeshare salesmen, but now, they are quite a rare sight on the blue brand. They managed to cheat the cut for a few years but their time might be up.

Dana Brooke

Mea Young Classic was held recently, and many of the 32 participants were signed and will be continuing their careers with the WWE. Asuka is on the main roster and will be a major star of the company in the years to come. Girls like Nikki Cross, Ember Moon and Iconic Duo, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce might join the main part of the roster in the first few months of 2018. We saw two of the girls being removed from the company but the list might not be final, and one of the candidates is Dana Brooke. When we take a look at the performance that this bodybuilder-turned-wrestler had it is clear that she might not survive the cut. At this moment there is no role for her on the red brand, and on top of that, she is pretty bad on the mic and in the ring.

Apollo Crews

It seems that the decision to rush Apollo Crews to the main roster because of his good physique was the wrong move by Vince McMahon and the WWE. There was a chance for this man to get better and receive more exposure when the company decided to get Titus O’Neil in this story but that wasn’t successful, and Apollo remained at the bottom of the card. It is a real shame to see his charisma dropping and popularity of this guy diminishing as the time passes, and we say that as we do know that he is a natural talent. At this point, he has a slim chance of becoming a breakout star, and it seems that his breakup with the company is imminent.

Rhyno And Heath Slater

These two guys were usually called Beauty And The Man-Beast, and they were the first SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions. After they were transferred to Monday Night Raw they were rarely on TV and in most cases they were losing to other teams. As Rhyno is already 42-years-old, we can say that he will be ending his career in the next few years and his partner, Slater doesn’t have a clear purpose to its name as Curt Hawkins took over and he is the guy that loses to anyone. This was a good run for these two, but it is possible that one, or both of these guys will be fired in the near future.

Sin Cara

It was expected to some extent for the WWE to can Sin Cara, but then they decided to give him fluke DQ wins over Baron Corbin in two SmackDown Live shows. Hunico came as a replacement for Mistico when he took over the Sin Cara role, and in that manner, he managed to prolong his stay with WWE. On the other hand, we need to recognize that this guy turned 40 and for some time he is followed with the reputation of a wrestler that gets into a backstage trouble for no reason. While this guy might not be as botch-prone like Mistico, it is clear that his predecessor dealt pretty much unrepairable damage to the brand of Sin Cara. Yes, we are aware of the fact that Sin Cara is more often on TV than it was the case few months before but have in mind that Emma was a regular on TV and still got fired.