5 WWE superstars who almost died during their fights!


6Superstars who almost died during their fights


We are all aware that there are people out there who believe that WWE is all fake. Well to those skeptics we can say only one thing – the fights are scripted but the moves that some wrestlers perform aren’t necessarily life-threatening. Throughout the WWE history, we witnessed on several occasions that some of these in-ring stunts can and did go horribly wrong and lead to the deaths of some wrestlers. If you recall one of the greatest WWE stars that died in the ring was Owen Hart (Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s younger brother) at 1999 Over the Edge event in Kansas City. If you recall that, Owen died after he fell from 50 ft above the arena, while he was being lowered into the ring by a harness.

So do you believe it’s all fake now? If YES is still your answers check out our list below and tell us what you think after reading it!