6 Best Torrent Sites


Nowadays, it’s hard to find great torrent sites, and it’s normal for these sites to be virtually taken down in a flash. Much worse, it might be hazardous to use some torrent sites. These sites are always changing to prevent being shut down, meaning they are not consistently secure.

When you use these sites, we highly suggest using a torrent proxy while visiting torrent sites. VPNs encrypt your traffic and disguise your IP address to secure your identity online. It is a critical process if you want to conceal your torrenting activity from your ISP. Therefore, we recommend checking out this guide for some worthy VPN options before proceeding further.

The year 2019 is ending, according to robots.net there is a high possibility that BitTorrent users are already searching for new and accurate torrent sites for them to download the latest and different content. While online streaming is a trend nowadays, there are still lots of people who use torrent sites. Here’s a list of the best torrent sites for downloading your content.



YTS is for the users whose primary objective is downloading movie torrents. The fantastic thing is that the website has no attachment to the original YTS/YIFY group, which operations were shut down two years ago. The site has a new domain but still manages to be one of the favorites.

YTS has the upper hand when it comes to visual appearance. Its home page only features a search page that makes it neat and clean. Most of the contents of YTS are pirated, but they look good enough to rival some popular streaming services.

The Pirate Bay


This veteran torrent site again leads 2019’s list for best torrent sites while operating on its original domain. The Pirate Bay was the king last year after KickAss Torrents was taken down. This torrent site is famous for having an extensive collection of torrent contents such as TV shows, software, movies, games, songs, audiobooks, etc.

TPB’s interface didn’t change over the years. It has a VIP/trusted icon feature to ensure the uploaders have a safer download. The site is abundant with seeders that help a faster downloading experience, and this is the reason why TBP always ranks on top.



It might not look as modern as the other torrent sites, Rarbg.to is very helpful in doing things like providing safe torrent files to the users. Leechers should be ready to see lots of advertisement tabs when using the website. This torrent site is still one of the best available on the internet, even with a little slide in the Alexa rank.

Aside from the standard torrent downloads like music, software, movies, games, and more, this site hosts an alternate page that features trailers of different shows and movies. The users can also browse the Top 10 torrents list for different categories to have a heads up of what people are downloading from the site.



Limetorrents is one of the top torrent sites in 2019. This torrent site offers different downloadable categories, including movies, tv-series, applications, and even anime. It is also a good torrent site and always updates the contents from time to time.

Limetorrents has different web pages that provide up to date list of top 100 torrents that are trending and the latest uploads to the site. If you want to upload torrent files, exchange messages with the other users, provide feedback, and bookmark torrents, users need to create an account to do that.



This domain, EZTV.ag, still manages to be in the top 1000 websites on Alexa the past couple of years. This torrent site is a great help to users whose interest is downloading TV Shows torrent. That is the only category that you can find on this famous site.

Torrent sites have nothing to offer but a simple interface that has torrent links and other information that this site provides. Users can create accounts where they can save their favorite torrents. Leechers can also use the section called the Countdown List, which lets you know when there are upcoming torrent uploads.



If you don’t have a clue, Torrent2.eu is a torrent search engine and listing websites, and it also acts as a clone of gone Torrentz. Its only job is to search for the torrents present on different torrent sites. This site is still worthy of being in 2019’s top torrent sites.

Aside from the search box for finding torrents, users can also go to MyTorrentz section to look for legit torrents from different categories. Why use Torrentz2? It contains torrents from 100+ sites, and it has .onion address for avoiding blocking, and mirror sites are also available.


There are still some great sites that you can use if you want to download torrent files. But if your concern is your safety and privacy, then using a VPN is a must. So if you’re looking for the best torrent sites to download the files that you want, then the list above is the answer for you.