6 Reasons to take brand marketing on Instagram seriously

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Do you remember the last time you spent a whole day without logging on to any social media platform? There is no doubt that social media is a revolution that has taken over the lives of millions around the world. Apart from the fast rate at which news breaks, social engagement platforms offer platforms over which people can interact, find entertainment and promote their businesses.

There is a lot of information and theories about how to leverage Instagram for business but is all this just heresy? Let us explore 6 points that will provide us with clear answers for sure:

Instagram thrives on stories

If you want to capture the attention of people, tell stories. Instagram has provided the fertile ground for this. Celebrities will post an aspect of their life here and everyone will be dashing to their page to find out what happened next. To market your brand, tell stories on Instagram. How about sharing clips that show what happens behind the scenes when making your brand?

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People believe what they can see

You can post text on social media on a daily or hourly basis, but the person who posts images, videos and clicks make a greater impact on their audience. Instagram was designed to engage through visual posts. If you post something, wait for the reaction of your audience. If they love it on Instagram, they will love it on other social media platforms.

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Wide Reach

700 million followers is not a small audience. The good news is that there is no limit to how many of these you can reach. If you buy Instagram followers and likes cheap on this website, you can start your marketing campaign with a convincing response base. Hashtags that are relevant to your audience will also draw attention to your brand.

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Engaging community

The Instagram audience is more open to brand and corporate content than those on other social engagement platforms. The idea is to get people to speak about your business and what you do. Start conversations with hashtags or hire influencers to spread your brand story and it will pay off in sales and customer loyalty.

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Instant responses and insight

As a marketer, you need to monitor what and how people are talking about your brand. Even if your business does not have an Instagram presence, people will post it, comment on other’s experiences and give advice to each other. This is valuable information that you cannot afford to ignore. Take the positive and maintain or improve on perceived areas of weakness.

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Keep an eye on the competition

As suggested by jeffbullas.com, closely follow the pages of Instagram competitors to see their nature of client interaction, the content type they post, promotions, how often they update their page, and how they address fans. You can copy best practices if any or strive for better. What was the last hashtag that your competitor used? Analyze it for trends as this may form part of your competing strategy.