6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Instagram Followers (Be Cautious!)

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Instagram with its 1 billion monthly active users is an ideal place to gain followers to promote your brand or content. You must have seen many ads for paid Instagram followers and think it is best to buy 1000 Instagram followers to make your account popular.

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Be wary that most of the advertised methods only allow you to buy fake Instagram followers who never engage with your posts. So if you are wondering how to buy Instagram followers, you are on the wrong track.

Buying Instagram likes and followers is a bad idea and you should instead look to attract followers in the right way. Today we will find out why it is useless to buy fake followers on Instagram app. Your account can be suspended if they suspect you are using a tool to add followers (like these).

Why do People Fall for Buying Instagram Followers and Likes?

Don’t fall victim to Instagram paid follower apps. alt-Instagram followers and likes

Everyone wants an Instagram account with hundreds and thousands of followers. Especially brands and celebrities look for buying followers so that they can promote themselves and sell their products.

People also consider the popularity of an Instagram account on the number of followers. Even companies measure the success of their marketing efforts based on the number of followers.

But does that mean you should fall for buying Instagram followers? We will find out the answer in the next section!

Fake Vs. Real Instagram Followers

You end up buying fake Instagram followers whenever you go for a service which promises to grow your fan base. Buying Instagram followers app adds only fake and inactive accounts while a large percentage also consists of many auto IG bot accounts.

The difference is simple- your account is not being followed by real people but is populated by bots and automated accounts. You cannot expect human interactions or a thriving community who engage with your posts and content.

Real Instagram followers will

  •    Like and comment on your post
  •    Share your posts with friends, family, and peers
  •    Provide an audience base to promote and sell your products
  •    Increase the reputation and popularity of your account
  •    Enable you to attract more followers

What Happens When You Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

Your whole account can be jeopardized when you are tricked into buying followers Instagram. You can’t expect real engagement out of accounts controlled by bots- maybe they can only post a “nice picture” comment on your post. 

You cannot expect to become an influencer on Instagram with fake followers. You have to be able to influence your followers and for that you need engagement. Just buying Instagram followers reviews won’t be enough as they will be unauthentic and add nothing to your engagement rate.

People will also be able to make out that you have fake followers just by taking a look at their profiles, driving down your reputation. Also, most of the fake profiles work on the principles of reciprocity. If somebody follows your account, you are more likely to follow them back.

The bot and fake accounts follow thousands of accounts to gain maximum follow backs. But then they unfollow the accounts decreasing the number of followers on your account. So you gain nothing in the end!

When you add fake accounts on Instagram

  •    You only receive numbers (followers) and not genuine engagement
  •    Most of the accounts are fake or run by bots
  •    Your content will have no value
  •    Your posts won’t be shared or commented upon

Generally speaking, fake followers, as well as fake reviews and comments, will do nothing good for your account and all you will do is draw unwanted attention. According to appreviews.ninja, you can get genuine feedback that will help you increase your rank. More importantly, everything is in compliance with Google rules, so you don’t have to worry about jeopardizing your account. 

If you are still asking does buying IG followers work, read the following reasons to make up your mind.

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Fake Instagram Followers

Buying IG followers won’t serve your purpose when you want to increase your followers. Let’s see why it isn’t such a good idea to Instagram pay for followers.

1. You can Attract Unwanted Bot Comments

Sometimes you may notice a comment from the fake followers. But 99 out of 100 times they are going to be in a different language which you don’t understand. In fact, most of them turn out to be advertisements for s*x toys and p*rn websites!

Certainly, you are not looking to buy Instagram followers review for such comments!

2. Your Account may be Banned

Do you want to risk getting suspended from Instagram with fake followers?

Instagram has a strict policy against buying followers. Your account can be suspended if they suspect you are using a tool to add followers. Instagram also removes fakes accounts from time to time so depending on them is a big mistake.

Instagram can remove fake followers and likes. alt- Instagram fake follower policy

3. You can Invite Spam

While most of the followers you buy are fake, some of the will also be used to spread spam. You are inviting a plethora of spam posts by adding these accounts. The spam can even spread to your real followers who might add the malicious accounts based on your activity.

The spam can also reach your inbox if you provided the third party with your email.

4. Low Engagement Rates

Let’s say you buy 1 million followers and turn out lucky enough to get 1,000 real followers who interact with your post. That only gives you an engagement rate of 0.1%.

On the other hand, let’s say you have 1,000 genuine followers out of whom 200 users engage with your posts. Now you have an engagement rate of 20%!

5. You can’t Earn Money from Fake Followers

Bots or fake profiles are not going to take a look at your posts, so forget about influencing them to buy your products. It’s better not to waste your money in dodgy tactics as you have nothing to gain!

6. It Ruins Your Credibility

If a brand finds out that you have fake followers, you can’t expect them to do business with you. Real influencers build up their follower base organically and you can lose all your credibility trying to take shortcuts.

Now if anybody asks do you have to pay for Instagram to get followers, you know what to answer.

Where to Buy Real Instagram Followers?

So can you buy Instagram followers the legit way? Does buying Instagram followers work?

The answer is a big no! Instead, you can use a legit and automated way to get real people to follow your Instagram account.

InstaNobel is a unique service which likes and comments on real profiles to attract their attention. In return, they are more likely to take a look at your profile and subscribe to your content.

You can designate your target audience based on multiple parameters such as geolocation, gender, and hashtag so that you can add only relevant followers. The solution does all the work while you can sit back and enjoy the results.

Get Instagram followers in a legit way. alt- Genuine Instagram followers


With InstaNobel you are not buying likes and followers, but getting real people to sign up as followers. It’s also not limited to anything like buying 100 Instagram followers, and you can get unlimited followers.

So if you are thinking where can I buy Instagram followers, change your perception and earn your followers with InstaNobel.


By now, you should have stopped asking how to buy followers on Instagram! You know that buying Instagram followers review don’t work as bots or automated solutions run the accounts. The best way to get followers on Instagram is to interact with other people which encourages them to subscribe back.

You can use an SMM solution to automate your interaction so that you get only genuine followers. We are sure you will love the results.