6 Ways Technology Helps You Make Money

Technology Helps You Make Money
Source: stridefuture.com

There is no doubt that technology has helped us in many ways. From how we shop, save, budget our money, and communicate, there will be an app to help. Tech has made it possible for us to earn money by creating dozens of potential money-making ventures. If you are searching for ideas on how to make money with tech, these tips will come in handy for you.



You can harness the power of crowdfunding to earn extra cash for a lot of things, including vacations, meals, and even a new home. Whether you’re raising money for an investment, a school project, or for another major project that you’ve already made plans for, crowdfunding can be a great way to start. Crowdfunding is raising funds through the collective effort of friends, individual investors, and family typically through social media and crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunding is also a practice where individuals and small companies seek donations, usually in exchange for some sort of product, service, or privilege.

Crowdfunding campaigns are made up of three distinct parts: an Initial Goal, a Reward Tier, and a Reward Structure. To achieve this, you must invest money, time, and resources into your crowdfunding campaign. The market will decide your success (or failure) based on the quality of your video, website, and social media presence, and ultimately the amount of funding you raise.


With time, dollars can add up once members start joining your campaign. Unlike traditional ways of raising money, you can reach more people and investors, share your vision with them, so they help you make it a reality. You can even share and promote your campaign through social sites, marketing tactics, and newsletters to drive traffic and build the money faster.

Sell a service

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to sell a skill or service you have mastered. For instance, you can become a freelance writer, video editor, graphics designer, virtual assistance, and more working from the comfort of your home. There are numerous apps available online where you can create a profile and bid for jobs. Also, you can create your online portfolio and market it to drive traffic to your services. If you choose to use this route, you must learn and implement SEO strategies.

Create an online business


There are tons of online businesses you start at the click of a button. Starting an online store is the most common and widely used. If you have products or services that you already sell, you can get up your game by selling them online. You don’t have to turn your entire business into an online store, but you can use some of the basic communication and social platform to keep in touch with your customers. For instance, interact with them on social media, send newsletters, and write helpful content on your blog to build trust and engagement.
There will always be new tech coming up every day, and if you are not careful, all the opportunities to make money may confuse you. Think about what you want to achieve and look for a platform that will help you meet that need. You don’t have to try everything, but you can narrow down to three or four ideas and test them to find what fits you best.

Trade cryptocurrencies


You must have heard about bitcoins and the numerous cryptocurrencies available in the market today. This peer-to-peer electronic cash is decentralized and not controlled by any government or bank. Buying and trading bitcoins is easier than mining the coin. As suggested by paxful.com, you have to learn bitcoin price speculation, so you know the right time to buy and sell your coins. Keep your eyes on your chosen bitcoin chart and don’t decide hastily if you want to profit..Do the maths before opening the bucket. Don’t buy a sale just because there is a fat chance the price has a big gain in the next few hours. Remember, the Bitcoin price can go down even while the price is at its highest as the volume goes up. A steep downward move could soon be turned into a sideways movement. Track the daily uptrend. The daily uptrend in bitcoin price is usually between 12% to 18%. Know that a price move of 10% is not a lot and that the expected price move of a 50% gain of the previous day is much bigger.

Build a niche blog (monetize with affiliate products)

While blogging is good for all sorts of entrepreneurs, it can be a great way to promote your business as well. You need to build a niche-specific blog that’s relevant to your niche. To help you do that, you’re going to need to do a few things first:

Focus on Your Niche

Google’s Keyword Planner gives you a wealth of data on what your particular keywords and phrases are doing on the search engines. You need to use that information to focus on your niche. You need to target an audience that you can be sure will be interested in your product and have enough income to support the purchase.

Online coaching


Online coaching is like home-made gourmet meals that appeal to us because they are made by someone who knows what’s needed. The idea is this if you can find something you love, and you’ve got the drive to get there and get there as fast as you can, and you’ve managed to pull yourself away from everyone else who was doing it for them to do it for them, what’s stopping you from doing it for yourself too? The internet allows you to instantly connect with a broad range of people who can benefit from your knowledge and experience, as well as personal resources for conducting your online coaching sessions. If you are not aware, online coaching is projected to be one of the fastest-growing job sectors in 2024. Today, there are more than 15,000 online coaching companies around the world, so you can be sure there is someone in your network that is already doing online coaching, and for this reason, there’s certainly demand for your services.