7 Important Motorcycle Gear That Every Motorcyclist Must Have


If you are a motorcyclist and don’t believe in gears, you surely need to change that.

And we don’t say that. Your life, your safety and traffic rules do. So, don’t ride without gear anymore.

Go through this comprehensive guide to choosing the seven most important motorcycling gear that every motorcyclist must-have.

So, buckle up and read on to find out.

1. Smart Helmet


Yes, helmets are the most essential part of gear for riding motorcycles.

Not wearing a helmet while riding a bike means a severe risk of head injury and fine without a doubt. But is that all that a helmet has to do?

Well, as we are talking about smart helmets, the line of features certainly changes.

Here are a few of those top features that a smart helmet has to offer.

  • RF Transmitter
  • RF Receiver
  • Vibration Sensor
  • GPS Receiver
  • Bluetooth

The reason why these features are useful is that they allow riders to attend phone calls, listen to music and navigation directions, and even to record voice notes and audio for a video that they may record with their action cameras.

Also, many smart helmets are offering features like a walkie-talkie, that enable riders in a group to stay connected through audio signals inside a distance range.

Apart from this, it’s always a good idea to have a tinted and polarized visor on your helmet to protect your eyes from UV rays. Plus, helmets safeguard the rider’s face from dust, bugs and other environmental elements that may harm at moderate and high speeds.

These features also make these smart helmets safe during accidents as they send crash reports to different people that the rider has chosen to notify.

2. High Quality Riding Gloves


The next thing that you must have after a smart helmet is a pair of high quality gloves.

It’s a fact that riding a two-wheeler is a risky affair. And who has been 100% safe after all?

Most of us riders are guilty of some minor or even major crashes. And yes, many of these crashes might have left us bruised with rashes around hands, arms and legs.

That’s right where a pair of high quality riding gloves comes into play.

These gloves protect the rider’s hands on both sides when they meet an accident.

You see the image above? It was because of these gloves that the rider’s hands survived the crash.

Having an accident without wearing qualified gloves can result in severe hand injuries, so ensure that you don’t make this mistake.

3. Motorcycling Jacket


Another piece of super-essential safety gear for motorcycle riders is a motorcycling jacket.

Yes, it’s another essential that you need to carry for your own safety. Plus, the best thing is that motorcycling jackets look super-cool. So, if you are wearing a nice looking motorcycling jacket that is safe as well and for some reason land down in a crash, the chances are that this jacket will keep you safe.

Also, most of the motorcycling jackets are designed in a way that they absorb shock during crashes and accidents.

Just keep in mind that all jackets may not be suited for summer. And similarly, all types of jackets may not be suitable for winters.

This is why it’s important for you to be wise while picking jackets based on the weather you are going to wear it in.

4. High Ankle Boots


Have you ever seen a professional rider ride a motorcycle wearing a pair of slippers?

Well, the chances are that you wouldn’t get to see anything like that until somebody really pledges to pull off the crazy.

And the reason is obvious. The purpose of motorcycling gear is to safeguard the rider’s body and keep it from getting any kind of injuries.

A pair of high ankle boots can optimally do the job.

However, wearing a pair of crocs or slippers while riding your bike can lead to several severe injuries upon crashing.

So, keep yourself safe from these fiascos by using a pair of qualified high ankle boots.

Speaking of where to buy these boots from, MXstore is a reliable website with only the most qualified biking boots.

5. Biking Backpack


One of the best things about riding a bike is that you always have the liberty to hang a cool backpack and carry all your important stuff inside it. However, this can also lead to one of the worst things about riding a bike.

Yes. Have you ever ridden a bike with a heavy and uncomfortable backpack on your shoulders?

Well, if you have, you would know the pain that it gives.

But then, more often than not, a backpack becomes crucial for carrying your belongings when you’re riding a bike. And that’s when you feel the need for having a comfortable backpack that is free from such problems.

 6. Knee Pads and Elbow Pads


Knee injuries are pretty common with bike accidents.

If you’ve ever had a poor crash, you would know the amount of risk that your knees and elbows are usually exposed to.

This is the reason why you must consider using a knee pad and an elbow pad while you are on a ride.

These protective pads will make sure that your knees and elbows are covered up and secured against such physical damage.

7. Motorcycle Jeans/Pants


As it’s essential to keep your upper body fully safe and covered for a comfortable riding experience, it’s equally important to have your legs completely covered and safe as well.

And that’s what you need motorcycle pants or jeans with breathable air vents that don’t let sweat bother you and keep your legs clean and safe at the same time.

Final words

Every individual that loves to ride motorcycles must know the importance of using the right equipment and motorcycling gear for riding. However, the selection can be tough for newbies.

One of the best things you can do while riding your motorcycle is making sure you’re properly geared up. Motorcycle equipment is there to protect you in the event of an accident. If this does happen, be sure to reach out to the team at Marks & Harrison for the legal support you need.

That’s why, in this post, we listed seven important motorcycle gear that every motorcyclist must-have.

Hopefully, this was helpful.