7 Most Romantic Flowers For The Love of Your Life

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Is there a place for giving flowers as a gift in this modern age? Of course, there is! It may be old fashioned, but it is still the best way to tell somebody “I love you” or to say how much they mean to you. Many people think that sending flowers has gone out of fashion, but the sales have gone up.

You can never go wrong with flowers! According to a pool found on www.floralparadise.co.uk, flowers are still the perfect gift for every occasion. They pretty much love any flower and do not discriminate much between a rose and a tulip. But the same site also says that each flower has something different it represents.

Here are the seven most romantic types of flowers that you can give to the person that you love.


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Tulips convey a message which says, “I’m so glad we’ve met!” It is a perfect flower for the first date. You can also give tulips for birthdays and anniversaries and are best studied for very cheerful people.

Tulips have a bulb-like shape and represent spring, as that is when they bloom. They come in a variety of colors; red, yellow, pink, purple, etc. The red tulip stands for love while the white ones are used when you want to apology to somebody.


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The Angelica flower is a great stress reliever. This flower will make anybody feel calm just by looking at it. It also has a great smell and works wonderfully when decorating your office or the place where you spend most of your time.

If she is feeling stressed or down, give her a bouquet of Angelicas. A single one will work fine, as well. It shows that you care for the person that you love and that you want them to feel well.

Red Roses

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Most people turn to give red roses as their ultimate, romantic gift. And they are right to do so. Roses are by far the most romantic flower you can provide, and the red ones symbolize passion and deep love. You can give a bouquet of red roses to somebody that you truly love.

Valentine’s Day is probably the day when a lot of roses are bought and given. But they work for almost any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and so on. The person that you love will significantly appreciate this gift no matter what the occasion is. Sometimes you can give it just because.


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A carnation is a fascinating flower to give to somebody that you love. It means that you are fascinated with that person and that you find her very interesting. According to LamouretFleurs, this flower actually holds more depth than the other flowers you would usually give to somebody that you like.

They come in different colors. There are some white carnations, and there are some red carnations. But they best work in unison. Next time you want to impress a girl, give her a whole bouquet of carnations in different colors.


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The Camellia flower is a very beautiful one and one that sends a clear message. It represents longevity and faithfulness. So you can give this flower to somebody that you hold truly dear to you. You can also give it to somebody that you have spent a long time together with.

Camellia flowers are native to Japan and China and carry their sensuality from the East. Giving a Camellia to somebody is like saying “You are my faithful, everlasting love.” Save this flower for special days only.

Blue Iris

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The Blue Iris is a unique kind of a gift to give a woman. It is very attractive due to its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The flower got its name from the Greek Goddess of love, also called Iris. It symbolizes faith and hope.

The Blue Iris is a special gift and can be given for anniversaries, birthdays or even for Valentine’s Day. It will most likely take the breath away out of the woman you love. You can’t go wrong with a Blue Iris for sure.


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A flower with a specific name and a particular meaning. Forget-Me-Nots are flowers that you give to someone that you want to remember you. It is a perfect gift if you want to make an impression or to preserve a long lasting memory.

The flowers come in blue petals and have a white or yellow center. They seem bright and will catch the eye and the attention of your lover. The flower works well when accenting certain bouquets, but is a praiseworthy flower on its own. Impress your girlfriend with forget-me-not and leave the impression that she will not forget.