7 Reasons to Enjoy a CBD Joint

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Smoking a joint isn’t just something for recreational cannabis users. Many medical marijuana patients smoke to get relief from their ailments, and cannabidiol (CBD) users are able to do so too, with the emergence of CBD-rich hemp flower. This non-intoxicating “weed” has the same appearance and smell to regular bud, except it boasts huge percentages of CBD, rather than psychoactive THC.

There is no argument that smoking can have health consequences, although the risks of smoking CBD are less pertinent than those from lighting up a tobacco cigarette, as a CBD joint doesn’t have the addictive nicotine component. But smoking CBD is the most effective way of benefitting from the cannabinoid for people who favor or require fast and strong relief.

Here are a few reasons why your next CBD experience should be with a CBD hemp joint, according to CBDVapeJuice.net.

Great for pain relief

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Pain relief doesn’t really work when you have to wait for the drug to kick in. Unfortunately, there is always some delay with standard painkillers for this reason – they must be digested before they can become active. But this isn’t the case when smoking CBD, as the active cannabinoids are speedily absorbed into the bloodstream through tissues in the lungs. This is essential for easing multiple sclerosis and other neuropathic conditions which affect general wellbeing by restricting mobility. Symptoms from these conditions are notoriously acute and intense.

Rapidly ease arthritis symptoms

CBD is becoming more popular for arthritis, as patients look for alternatives to prescription and over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). The non-intoxicating cannabinoid has an excellent combo of effects for the condition, reducing pain levels while managing the inflammation which worsens osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Slowing and stopping damage to joint cartilage is key to protecting the bones and limiting overall pain from arthritis.

Smoking CBD is not only a great way of speedily treating symptoms, but you also get the maximum benefit from the hemp plant, which isn’t possible with products made from CBD-isolate extracts. The other cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp, such as cannabigerol (CBG) and beta-caryophyllene (BCP) also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Blast away anxiety

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The most effective trick for dealing with anxiety is to get rid of it as quickly as it comes on. This isn’t possible with SSRI anti-anxiety drugs, which gradually produce anxiolytic effects over time. All CBD products are preferable, in that the benefits are noticeable from the first dose and generally within the hour. However, CBD joints beat all other intake methods because of near-instant relief.

The only downside with smoking is the strong weed-like aroma, so CBD oils or vape juices may be a better choice for those who experience anxiety symptoms in public (i.e., social anxiety).

Relax and destress

The great thing about CBD is you don’t need to have a medical ailment to take it. In the US, CBD products are sold as food supplements and are available in all 50 states. Hemp flower high in CBD is perfectly legal because the levels of THC are kept below 0.3 percent, eliminating any potential for psychoactive effects. You can click here and find out more.

CBD is ideal for relaxing and chilling out after a taxing day and is effective for lowering stress since it reduces cortisol levels. When you just want to forget about your worries for a few hours, but don’t want to get drunk or high, a CBD joint is the perfect solution.

Enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep

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A CBD joint that has rich amounts of calming indica terpenes is a great ploy for improving your quality of sleep, without having to take addictive sleeping pills. CBD has many of the relaxing effects that are present in marijuana, and the indica effects help to soothe the muscles and quieten the mind, the ideal conditions for drifting off.

As the effects of CBD are felt quickly when smoked, be sure only to toke up once you’ve finished all your duties for the day, and are ready for sleep. Formulating a healthy sleep pattern also yields benefits for long-term mental health, and reduces fatigue.

The perfect morning energizer

A coffee and a Sativa-dominant CBD joint makes for a wonderful ‘wake and bake’ without any psychoactive effects. It’s natural to feel a little sluggish some mornings, especially if you have a long, arduous day ahead. But the caffeine from the coffee mixed in with the uplifting, energizing impact of Sativa terpenes will have you fighting fit. CBD has some helpful cognitive benefits, too, and is occasionally referred to as a natural nootropic.