7 Things To Know Before Car Purchase

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Buying a car is a dream come true. There are lots of people who are currently thinking about buying a car, but their budget won’t allow them. Do you belong to the same category? Is your budget restricting you to get a car?

Don’t worry! There is a way out to buy your car. Yes, you can invest in second-hand car aka used car. If you observe keenly, then you come to discover a massive market second hand or used car nowadays. According to research, the number of a used car purchase is higher than the new car purchase. Surprised?

Important Things to Know Before You Buy Used Car

If you have prepared yourself to purchase a used car, you should know what the benefits of a used car are. Let us have a look.

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1. Have A Licensed Mechanic Inspect the car: It is good to have the licensed mechanic inspect the car you want to buy. The mechanic can state the exact condition of the car, and you can address the issue to the owner before the acquisition. In such a case, the owner will fix the problem if there is any. It will save you some money and you will rest assured that the car is a good condition.

2. Scan the Insurance Papers: Before purchasing a vehicle such as a used Wagon R in Bangalore, you need to confirm whether the car owner has all the insurance papers or not. If he has no insurance coverage, then you should avoid the car deal. But if he has, then you need to check the insurance paper thoroughly. The insurance documents will state whether the car was involved in an accident earlier. To check the accident claim, you need to note the NCB (no claim bonus) status. If you find high no claim bonus status, then you can certainly go for the deal.

3. Check & Match Engine Number: Before purchasing a used car, you need to match the engine number with the number registered in the registration paper. This way, you will know that the car is not meddled with and it is legal.

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4. Check Condition of the Second-Hand Car: Yes, it is essential to check the present condition of the car you are going to buy. It will be good if the car owner makes replaces the filter before the sale. The performance of the car depends on its filtrations (oil, fuel, air, and transmission). If the owner of the car used to maintain the vehicle, you are safe. Regular oiling, smog testing, cleaning, and car maintenance ensure better life and performance of the car. It is good to address it before you invest your money in a used car.

If the owner agrees to get the car checked before the sale, then you are a lucky one. As long as the vehicle has been properly maintained in the past, you will be more confident in your decision to proceed.

5. Go for a Test Drive: When you are going to purchase an old vehicle, it is a good idea to go for a test drive. It will help you judge whether you should go for the deal or not. If you know how to drive a car, then you can do it yourself. If you cannot drive, then hire a reliable driver to drive the car to check the condition of the car.

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  • Drive the car in a traffic free area at 40 to 50 kmph.
  • Check whether the car provides any vibration or strange noise while driving.
  • Check whether the car brake pedal offers any squealing sound or not.
  • Check whether the brake pulsates or not.

If you find any of the problems mentioned above, then you need to ask the owner for rotor replacement.

6. Examine Car Tires’ Condition: Condition of the tires is one of the critical things to consider. There are certain things to check regarding the tires

  • Make sure the car tires are evenly worn
  • Match the tires before to final deal
  • Check the surface of the tires to confirm the feathering or alignment.

You can hire an expert to check the surface of the tires if you do not know how to examine the condition yourself.

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7. Check Hood Condition: Before you finalize the deal examine the state of the hood. If the car has undergone any damage, then the hood will tell you the story.

All these are equally important before you make a purchase. There are more things to confirm including legal formalities before the deal. However, these things mentioned in the article should be enough – don’t forget also to check who the previous owners of the cars were and make sure every paper of the car is there.