7 Unique Cakes to Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and the shops are flushed with hearts, plush soft toys and other cute tokens of love. If you have to start putting things together for your Valentine and seek some cute and heart-warming options, have a glance at the below-mentioned cakes and decide on how you want to keep up with the trend of gifting. Check out this guide:

The little devil never goes wrong. Low on the pocket and high on the tongue, a cupcake is always worth every penny. The best part of buying a cupcake is that it is available in extensive variety. Besides, you can always add your own dressing on any cupcake.

Ice Cream Cake


An Ice Cream Cake is a perfect way for an ice cream lover to express their love on Valentine’s Day by making a combination of their partner’s favourite flavour and their favourite cake.

Sponge Cake


Even if you and your partner are not a great fan of cakes, this is the one and only treat you both are going to gobble in one-go. A sponge cake has so many textures. It is soft, buttery and yes, it also melts in your mouth like a dream. This makes sponge cake the best Valentine cake

Spice Cake

A spice cake is usually flavoured with a combination of spices, some of which include cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg. Therefore, if you wish, you can get this cake and add some spice to your love life.

Coconut Cake

This cake covered in white frosting and filled with coconut flakes will make you feel like you are relaxing at a beach and having some raw coconut with custard topping, watching the sun set with your partner.

Fondant Cake

If you are looking forward to getting a 3D design on your cake like miniature figures of you two or even a 3-dimensional heart with an arrow piercing it down and your names in the middle, fondant cake is the best choice for you. A fondant cake gives you any flavour in any 3-dimensional shape as per your choice and all this with elegance.

Photo Cake

Take the best pictures together and make a collage, write a message in the middle and get it printed over your partner’s favourite flavoured cake. A Valentine photo cake is an all-time favourite option for any couple as it has those sweet little memories printed on it which creates an impression of forever kind of love.

Make use of the above list of trending cakes, and we bet your Valentine season is sure to be filled with sweet memories and will be cherished by both of you forever.