8 Reasons explaining why The Rock should be everyone’s freebie!


Thanks to Dwayne being voted as the hottest man alive it is universally known that everyone would like to be with him. When I say, everyone, I primarily consider female audience which is just natural. It seems when it comes to Dwayne there is an understanding between men and women that if there is a chance to spend a night with this guy, your boyfriend or husband would understand. So, why is there so much attraction to him? It seems that there is more to him besides the obvious – handsome, strong and rich. He has an aura around him that sucks us in like a giant black hole, and that aura can be broken down in 8 reasons why you should (if you haven’t already) consider him as your freebie!

#1 Great smile

It seems that this man is always happy. With all that he has got going for him, we would as well. But just look at that smile and those teeth. Can we all have a name and number of his orthodontist? If you take a look at his face, the lines around cheeks and eyes you see that he has a lot of practice and that he does this a lot.


#2 A great looking body

This one is probably very obvious, but we just couldn’t scroll past that. Years of hard work, training and WWE made him into a chiseled human boulder that he is now. But he wasn’t like this all the time, he just recently learned how to accentuate his attributes, which means that he grew into the man he is now, in a way, and that also means there is a great personality behind him.

#3 Know how to accept a compliment

Dwayne knows just who and what he is and he doesn’t make a big deal out of it. He kinda takes it nonchalant which makes him even greater. He recently read an article wrote by Scaachi Koul where he was described as “stupid hot” and Dwayne actually managed to take that as his new nickname, and all while complimenting the piece as a “cool & interesting.”


#4 He is helpful

Dwayne wouldn’t be a complete personality if he doesn’t like to help people out. Here you see a funny transcript between Dwayne and Charles Bramesco, freelance writer and SWM who apparently is looking for love. After Dwayne owned him in a tweet and found out that Charles is single, he tried to help him out by using his fame to Charles’ advantage saying “C’mon single ladies. Charles here loves movies, funny and is my bestie. (bestie/never met.. it’s all the same).”


#5 Ladies he sings!

Words are too much here, so we will show you just how good he is in this singing session with Lin-Manuel Miranda

#6 And he dances as well!

Just watch him go! 

#7 He has a sense of humor

If you want to be a comedian there is only one rule more important than any other – you have to commit to your role entirely, and as it turns out no one does that better than Dwayne. He learned this from his WWE days, which he knew is just one big show. He is a great guy who can and knows how to make fun of himself.


#8 He can break a cast with an arm flex!

Do we need to say more? Just look at him go! 

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