8 Reasons Why Playing Poker is Good For You


Today more than before, the games that depend on luck are almost an obsession for some people. On the other hand, a significant percentage of the players rely on their knowledge in the matter as their only tool. Professional approach towards such a way of relaxing is a matter of personal choice, in our opinion. The debate about the best game is difficult because everyone has their favorite. The crucial thing is to find a smoothing entertainment that genuinely deserves your energy and time. From one person to another, card-games differ, but everyone has a favorite, and so do we – poker.


Believe it or not, poker is a family game, and I’m speaking from personal experience. The first game with cards, I learned to play was indeed poker. My father, my brother, and I, set down for a poker game when I was five or six years old. I can still remember my father telling me how to hold the cards right, what the rules were, and that I was the worst player that day. Since then, I have been a massive fan of the game and recognizing the benefits which can bring the best in you and the people around you. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should include poker in your life, starting right now.

Intellectual Workout

When mentioning poker as a sort of entertainment, people tend to forget the intellectual effort required to succeed. As with any profession, sport, or education, practice makes perfect results possible. Experience gathered in time allows you intellectually to gain muscle mass, the same way as you would do in the gym on your arms. Poker puts an accent on the individual intellectual workout that shapes the personality into a much sharper, innovative, and open-minded approach towards anything. Studies show that persons who participate in poker have higher IQ than people who don’t play the game at all.

Social Opportunity


Today some social circles are places you have difficulties getting invited to, right? Poker represents a perfect opportunity to meet people from different social classes, form friendships, even start a business relationship, etc. As a game, poker is attractive to people of different occupations, professions, and financial status. Still, the same for all of them is they enjoy the time spent by the poker table and everything associated with it. This is not only a hobby but a chance to improve your social skills and status in the society you live in.

Skill Set

Participating in a poker game demands specific skills to be able to stay competitive. The same principles are required in your everyday life, right? For example, bluffing in poker is a common thing. In many professions, this is also the case where the personal judgment of the current situation is vital for future development potential. Taking the initiative, when needed, in a poker game or in your own life path, is absolutely a must as it is to have the patience and wait for the storm to pass. Anticipating the opponents moves correctly is also a much-needed skill here that is valued much more in your professional and private life. When you have your poker chips, which you can find at www.gamblingnewsmagazine.com, you will make it easier to practice and gather friends to play with you.

Adrenalin Boost

Adrenalin addicts find action in paragliding, mountain climbing, mountain bike, zip-line, and many others. Still, they can find the same thrill at a game of poker. The expectation is there before it starts, the game changes quickly, and you are always hoping for the best scenario. Adapting to the current situation brings out your best skills to handle the pressure of the next move to come. Probably much safer than the mentioned adrenalin hobby above but still a step dangerous in terms of what will the next game bring or take. You can easily find excitement in your life, participating in a game of poker, and stop any time you feel like it.



Poker players are accustomed to a particular way of playing the game. Skills from the poker table are transferred into the life of the players forming a unique style of living. Recognizing the elementary rule that things will change for the better or for, the worse, and accepting them as you go along is the most meaningful message you earn. This is the procedure you can implement in your life tomorrow. And it will help you handle the situations around you as you would do at a game of poker, suitable for your style only.

Anti-stress Therapy

We all need an escape from the daily stress and obligations that follow us like shadows. Restarting your day, week, month, or a year is possible with a poker game at any time of the day. Positive approach, good competition, laughter, flexible schedule, casual topics, outside of your office, you can find it all more straightforward than you thought. We suggest giving it a try and just relaxing with a chosen group of people.



The feeling of equality when you sit down for a poker game is a specific situation. At that moment, you are all in an equal position and have the same chances for success or failure. In real life, the mentioned feeling is not present, right? Boundaries between different social classes, education, and professions are all forgotten at the moment you get your cards, and the game can start. The only relevant fact in that room is the next move anyone will make.

Financial Benefit

Probably the magnet for the majority of poker fans is the potential financial benefit a game of poker can impact on your life. Some play for fun, some for drinks or food, but real players go for the money. The stores about people turning their life around after a poker game, earning even millions, are accurate. We hope that you will be the next one who takes the path of a player ready to turn his luck around.