9 strange creatures which doctors have found in the human body


No matter how hard we try to maintain the hygiene, certain bacteria and animals will always find a way to get into our body and where we don’t need them. It is because the human body has many openings and the hair is so to speak a “natural” invitation to beings in search of their host.

In the following lines of text we bring you the 9 examples that are just extreme situations of how insects, animals, and bacteria find their way to the interior of the human body and all of them have been found by the doctors:

1. The spider under the skin

The Australian on holiday in Bali noticed a large red stain on his body in a place where he had a recent appendectomy. He returned to the hospital after some time, but the tests have shown that it is a tropical spider that entered his body through a fresh cut.

2. Worms in our ears

A 92 years old woman in a pensioners’ home was constantly scratching her ear. Everyone thought that it was the ear inflammation caused by the extended ear canal. However, as the symptoms were not diminishing after the therapy with antibiotics, she was taken to the hospital. There, in her ear, the doctors found 57 worms.


3. Worms in our eyes

Type of a fly – botfly, lays its eggs in other insects, such as mosquitoes, who then can be transmitted to humans who were bitten.


4. The brain parasite

Doctors have discovered that the causes of epileptic seizures, memory loss, and headaches in one man were parasites in his brain.


5. Fish in the bladder

One 14-year-old boy was taken to hospital urgently because of severe pain in the lower abdomen. The doctors found the fish about 2.5 inches long stuck in the boy’s bladder. They believe that the fish got into the urethra while the boy was urinating.

6. Moth in the ear

A young American was at the birthday party of his friend, and he was having a good fun until a moth rushed into his ear. While he was trying to take it out, he just by pushed it deeper into the ear canal. Finally, the moth was successfully removed with tweezers.


7. A cone grew in the lung

A 28 years old man all of a sudden began to feel intense pain in the chest and started to cough up blood. Doctors thought that it is a lung cancer, which was confirmed by X-ray. In operation, before the removal of the affected lobe, the surgeon made a biopsy – it was actually the fir cone. It is assumed that he somehow inhaled a seed, and it has been developed into a cone in his lungs.


8. Half a meter long eel in the rectum

A Chinese was taken to the hospital due to temperature, abdominal pain, and severe rectal bleeding. After the doctors had opened him, they found an eel about 50 centimeters long in his rectum. The eel was planted by his “friends” after he fainted, as they thought it would be a good joke.


9. Another man in the body

There were numerous cases in which doctors though that people bore tumors, but in fact, it was their “parasitic twin” – the remains of bones, nails and hair.