A Man From India Eats Electricity

Naresh Kumar is a 42-year-old man from India who claims to have a unique knack. He says that he draws power from electricity and that it feeds him, so he doesn’t have to eat anything else. He stated that this “skill” was discovered by accident.

He was working, and he accidentally touched one of the wires, but nothing happened. He decided to explore this “superpower” further so he grabbed several open wires and realized that he could use electricity instead of regular food.

“When I am hungry, and the food isn’t ready, I eat electricity, and I am good for the next half an hour. I eat electricity like food,” Naresh Kumar said. He claims that he can touch any device such as a TV, washing machine, fridge and nothing happens. “I believe 80 percent of my body is made of electricity,” added Kumar and he declared that his house was filled with wires so he could eat electricity whenever he preferred.

Source: youtube.com

“We have no switches in the house, and my children are afraid that electricity is going to kill us,” says Naresh, while his wife adds that he is obsessed with touching the open wires. Although he isn’t the only person in the world who claims that electricity cannot harm him, he is definitely the first one to says that he feeds on it, according to OddityCentral.

You can see Naresh eating electricity in the video below. This is something dangerous so don’t try this at home, or better, don’t try it anywhere. We are interested in your thoughts about this. Do you think that electricity harms Naresh’s body in some way or is he completely immune to it?