A Place Where The Atlantic and The Pacific Meet is Amazing


The Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean meet near Cape Horn, and here, tourists passed on a cruising ship and one of them made an impressive video of the clear boundary between the two oceans. It was just as if someone was looking at the map and it appeared that the waters of the two oceans cannot mix and blend into one.

This place, where the video is made, is located near Cape Horn, which is the southern part of South America and the video was posted on YouTube. However, the boundary between the two oceans is visible for some period, and their waters do mix up eventually, but this process lasts longer than we have expected, according to the experts.

Namely, for their waters to blend just a few inches, it takes several days, and for those big watery surfaces, the same principle stands as for the other kinds of liquid – diffusion of two liquids and physical agitation.

Diffusion i.e. spreading or spillage is a prolonged process, so when we are talking about the oceans, the time of that process depends on the physical agitation which signifies physical influencers such as waves, currents, winds, etc.

Furthermore, the density of the ocean can have a significant influence on the creation of this visible “border.” We also need to say that the amount of salt in the water is important, as well as the other factors such as melting of the glaciers, rivers which flow into the oceans and affect their color and density.

However, this is not going to last for a long time, and both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean are going to merge at the end. These tourists appeared here at the right time and had a chance to see one of the phenomena of nature.