A remarkable life story: A mother and daughter gave birth on the same day


Fatma Birinci, 41, and her daughter Gade Birinci, 21, left the war-ravaged country and found a refuge in the Turkish city of Konya three years ago. During their pregnancy, the mother and daughter went to controls together and gave birth to their sons at the same time.

After more than two years of staying in Konya, the mother and daughter, refugees from Syria in Turkey, learned almost at the same time that they were pregnant, and a few months later, they brought together their sons to this world.


In order to make a certain repayment to the state of Turkey for all the support they had received after arriving to Konya, Fatma (42) and Gade (21) gave their sons the names Recep and Tayyip, names of the current Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The two mothers were visited by the main doctor in the hospital in Konya, Erkan Atas, who conveyed the greetings from the Turkish Health Minister Ahmet Demircan.

“This is an event that I have never heard of. They have escaped from the war into our country and have taken refuge in Turkey for three years.”


“What is most important of all is that mothers and babies are in a good state. We wish them a long life and a lot of health,” said Atas.

Mother, Fatma Birinci, after giving birth to her child said she was happy to have taken her son safe and sound into her arms.

I’m particularly happy for giving birth to my child simultaneously as my daughter. At the same time, I got a son and a grandson – Birinci said.


The daughter Gade Birinci thanked everyone in the hospital for the support provided for her and her mother.

“I am very happy because I became a mother today, and I also got a brother,” Gade said.