A Swarm of Bees Chased a Car for Two Days After their Queen has been Trapped Inside


Carol Howarth, a resident of Haverfordwest, Wales parked her Mitsubishi and went to a store.

Anyway, while she was shopping more than 20,000 bees attacked her car. A local man, Tom Moses saw this curious case and out of fear that someone may get hurt he called the beekeepers.

He said:” It was spectacular. I was driving through when I spotted the big brown splodge. A lot of people were really amazed by it, cars were slowing down and people were taking pictures of it. I was a little bit concerned, with it being in the middle of town outside a pub, that someone might do something stupid and get hurt or do something stupid and hurt the bees.”

When the Howarth returned to the car, the beekeepers had already taken care of the situation. Unfortunately, that was only temporarily. The bees managed to find the Mitsubishi again. Carol said:”The next day I realized that some of the bees had followed me home,” so she decided to call the beekeepers again.


Roger Burns of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers said:” We think the queen bee had been attracted to something in the car, perhaps something sweet, and had got into a gap on the boot’s wiper blade or perhaps the hinge. The swarm of around 20,000 had followed her and were sat around on the boot of the car.”

This was the strangest case Burns ever saw:” It is natural for them to follow the queen but it is a strange thing to see and quite surprising to have a car followed for two days. It was quite amusing.”

Eventually, the queen bee was saved and Carol didn’t have more problems with the bees.