Aaron Rodgers Out, Tony Romo In?!

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The biggest news of the NFL Sunday wasn’t any of the results. It was the terrible report that Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone. The injury will put him out for the rest of the season, and it will probably scratch out Packers from the playoff picture. While the Green Bay office will try their best with saving the season, it won’t be easy. There isn’t a team that relies on its quarterback as much as Packers do.

After the 23-10 loss to Vikings, it seems pretty clear that they won’t get too far with their backup QB Brett Hundley. He was, to say at least, unimpressive. If Rodgers injury were less severe Packers would probably stick with him. With Aaron out for extended period of time, and a team built for reaching the playoffs, if not even Super Bowl they will need a better option at the helm.

So, who’s available?

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The free market doesn’t have much to offer. At least not any player that will be an instant upgrade on Hundley. Kaepernick might be the solution, but with all the hype surrounding him, the Packers probably won’t go down that road. Yes, Colin is a Wisconsin native who is also a Brett Favre fan, but that’s just not enough. Another former Wisconsin resident is the name on many minds and lips. As soon as the news that Rodgers is out for the season broke out, the Twitter went into a frenzy. The fans of the Packers were calling for Tony Romo. Yes, it’s hard to believe just how many fans were together on the idea that Romo should be the one to take over the reigns in Green Bay.

Coincidentally a few days back Tony Romo was presented by a video of his last TD for the Cowboys by his co-host Jim Nantz, to which he responded: “Was it the last pass?”

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Now that Rodgers is out, this gives Packers fans some hope of luring Romo to play for them. Also, other former Cowboys QB Troy Aikman commented on this: “Who knows, maybe they can talk Tony Romo into coming in and playing for them.”

The rumor mill has started, and there’s no turning back now. The last word will be the one of Green Bay’s front office and Tony Romo himself. Interestingly one of the most notable moments in Romo’s career came at Lambeau Field in that ‘Dez caught it’ game. Imagine him coming back to his boyhood club to take them to heights that he never reached with Dallas Cowboys.