Absolute Duo Season 2 Release Date and News


A Japanese novel series Absolute Duo aired on January 4, 2015, on AT-X and soon after it was published on Tokyo MX, SUN, and few other Japanese channels. The series is the work of Takumi Hiiragiboshi, and its director is Atsushi Nakayama. The production house that stands behind the series is 8-Bit studio with Hidetake Komiya at the helm of the whole project. Crunch is in charge of its broadcasting in the United States and Europe while Funimation broadcasts it for other English-speaking countries. Madman Entertainment delivers this series to the Australia.

The story follows Tor Kokonoe who is going to Koryo Academy. This Academy is training its students to become peacekeepers. For this reason, they train every day on their weapons called “Blazes.” However, Tor seems to be having some problems with using this weapon as he is able to use it only in defense mode, but not for the attack. Main character’s partner is Julie Sigtuna, and the two of them have much in common, starting from their tragic childhood.


They complement each other in battles as Julie has unlimited power, and therefore she presents sword while he represents the shield. As you all probably have figured it out up to this point, these two are an Absolute Duo.

Absolute Duo Season 2 Release Date

As for the release date of the series’ second season, none of the information is still available. There is even a question if the show will be renewed in the first place. But fans feel as if this story has not ended, and that it should definitely be continued. Second Season is expected in the days to come, and we will see whether the fans’ expectations will be fulfilled.