10 Must-Do Activities for an Unforgettable Summer in Denver

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The Mile High City, Denver, is a wonderful place to spend a summer vacation. The city is home to lovely parks, thrilling outdoor activities, and a vibrant arts scene. There are many activities to do in Denver throughout the summer, whether you are a local or a visitor. We’ll look at some of the top summertime things to do in Denver in this article.

1. Explore the Great Outdoors

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Some of the nation’s most stunning parks and outdoor areas may be found in Denver. The weather is ideal for exploring, riding, and trekking during the summer. Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, a stunning natural amphitheater that offers performances all summer long, is one of the most well-liked outdoor locations in Denver. A gorgeous 24-acre garden with a variety of flowers, plants, and sculptures is the Denver Botanic Gardens as well.

If you are looking for a more adventurous activity, you can try white water rafting or kayaking in Clear Creek. Instead, you might travel a short distance from Denver to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains and explore them. You may enjoy a lot of hiking routes, campgrounds, and picnic places.

2. Take a Limo Tour


You can reserve a limousine service Denver tour if you wish to travel about Colorado in style. An excellent option to view the city’s sights and attractions in comfort and style is to take a limousine tour. Brewery excursions, cuisine tours, and city sightseeing tours are just a few of the options available. For a special event like a birthday or anniversary, a limousine excursion is ideal.

3. Visit Museums and Art Galleries

There are many renowned museums and art galleries in Denver. Many of these institutions host special exhibitions and events over the summer. For instance, the Denver Art Museum presents a number of shows that highlight various artistic styles and genres. A beautiful collection of American Indigenous art is also on display at the museum.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is another popular destination for art lovers. Both local artwork and contemporary art from other countries are on display at the museum. Throughout the summer, the museum also holds a number of special occasions and exhibitions.

4. Attend Sporting Events

The summer months are no exception to Denver’s reputation as a sports town. At Coors Field, one of the nation’s most stunning ballparks, the Colorado Rockies play. Beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and downtown Denver can be seen from the stadium. The Denver Broncos also play in Empower Field at Mile High, one of the most recognizable football stadiums in the nation, where they compete.

5. Enjoy the Food and Drink Scene

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There are many restaurants and bars in Denver, which has a booming food and drink culture. Throughout the summer, a lot of restaurants offer outdoor seating so that you can eat while admiring the scenery. Denver is renowned for its craft beer sector as well, and there are numerous breweries spread out around the city. You can also go on a tour of a brewery or stop by one of the numerous beer festivals that are held in the summer.

6. Attend Festivals and Events

Over the summer, Denver is the site of numerous festivals and events. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival, which takes place over the Fourth of July weekend, is one of the most well-known. More than 250 artists from different countries are represented in the festival, which also has live entertainment and food vendors. The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, which honors Asian culture and offers dragon boat competitions, martial arts displays, and cultural performances, is another well-liked occasion.

Attend one of the many music festivals that are held in Denver throughout the summer if you enjoy music. For instance, over the course of four days, the Underground Music Showcase presents more than 400 local and international musicians and artists. Another well-liked event is the Westword Music Showcase, which has more than 100 regional and national bands and artists performing on several venues all across the city.

7. Visit the Zoo and Aquarium

The Denver Zoo and Aquarium are two of the city’s most well-liked family-friendly attractions. More than 4,000 species from all over the world may be seen at the Denver Zoo, which also offers a number of engaging exhibits and activities. On the other side, the aquarium houses more than 500 different types of marine animals, such as sharks, sea turtles, and penguins.

Throughout the summer, the zoo and aquarium both offer a number of unique events and programs. You can take part in conservation programs, go on a behind-the-scenes tour, or watch the animals get fed.

8. Take a Day Trip

As Denver is situated in the center of Colorado, there are numerous day trip possibilities. One well-liked location is Boulder, which is close to Denver. Boulder is a charming town with breathtaking Flatirons views, a number of hiking routes, and other outdoor pursuits.

Rocky Mountain National Park is another well-liked day trip location, and it’s only 45 minutes from Denver. Beautiful landscapes, hiking routes, and opportunities to see wildlife can all be found in the park. The highest paved route in North America, the picturesque Trail Ridge Road, is another option for a spectacular trip.

9. Explore Downtown Denver

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The 16th Street Mall, a pedestrian-only strip with a variety of stores, restaurants, and street performers, is one of the well-known attractions in Downtown Denver. Visit Union Station, which has been updated into a cutting-edge transportation hub and offers a number of eateries and pubs.

You can also go to the Colorado State Capitol, which has beautiful architecture and free tours. Also, you can tour the Molly Brown House Museum, which used to be the residence of benefactor and Titanic survivor Margaret Brown.

10. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride


Take a hot air balloon ride over the stunning Colorado scenery if you want a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. In the Denver area, there are multiple businesses that offer hot air balloon trips, and you may pick from a variety of various packages and services.

You will float over the breathtaking Rocky Mountains during the journey and enjoy the breathtaking view. An excursion in a hot air balloon is ideal for celebrating a special occasion, like a wedding or anniversary, or just for fun and variety.

In conclusion, Denver is a dynamic city with a wide variety of summertime activities to choose from. There is something for everyone in Denver, from taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors to visiting museums and art galleries. A limousine tour is a superb way to view the city in elegance, and the food and beverage scene is also fantastic. Make sure to include Denver in your summer travel plans, whether you’re a local or a visitor.