7 Tips for Adding More Power and Performance to Your Ford Engine


It would not be wrong to say that the engine of your car is the main working component of the vehicle. It converts the energy of the fuel and turns that into mechanical energy that ultimately moves the wheels of the vehicle.

There are many reasons why people would want to enhance the functioning of the engine. Sports lovers like to drive their vehicles at high speeds, while others love their drive to be smooth and comfortable. For all this to be true, you require ford performance parts to optimize the performance of your car.

Things You Must Do Optimize The Performance Of Your Car


Understand The Functioning Of Your Ford Engine

If you want to make any tweaks to the main workhorse of your car without going to a mechanic, then you have to first understand how the device works. This will ensure that you do not make unnecessary changes and undertake wasteful expenditures.

Use A Synthetic Oil To Reduce Friction

Engine oil or lubricants are useful in reducing friction between the parts of the machine. If the friction is less than more power is generated. Also, if the friction is lowered, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle increases. This means that more power is produced per unit of fuel or gas consumption.

Lubricating oils can be of different types, like conventional fuels and synthetic ones. It is better to use synthetic lubricants as they last longer. Conventional fuels, on the other hand, break down quite quickly, and their breakdown products impair the performance of the engine.

You can use additives that enhance the performance of the lubricants in case you use synthetic lubricants. Again, synthetic lubricants work well at all temperatures, so you do not have to worry about the engine heating up too much in case you use synthetic lubricants.

However, if you use conventional fuels, then you must monitor them for breakdown. Usually, these fuels have a reddish color, and the red color fades when it is broken down. So if you see any changes in the color of the lubricant, you must change it.

Use An Engine Cooler Of The Right Size

A cooler is a device that is used to cool the inlet fuel. Cold air is dense, and hence the high density of fuel improves the efficiency of combustion in the engine. Most Ford vehicles come with an in-built cooler, but most of the time, the cooler is of a smaller size. If that is the case with your vehicle, then you must change the engine cooler and get one of an appropriate size.

Check The Ignition Of The Vehicle


The ignition system uses a spark plug to spark the fuel in the combustion chamber. Most Ford vehicles have an error display that indicates if there is a problem with any engine part. However, minor errors in the ignition system will not reflect on the dashboard of the car. However, if the ignition system is not working efficiently, it will affect the performance of the engine, and your car will not perform optimally despite having loads of fuel in the fuel tank.

The voltage required to trigger the ignition of spark plugs depends on the fuel mix that you use in your car. If your old ignition system does not give a proper ignition, you might add an amplifier to the existing system. The amplifier will increase the voltage adequately to ignite the spark plugs. You can check out Southwest Performance Parts for more information.

Use A Larger Throttle Body

The throttle body injects the necessary amount of air into the engine. A throttle body that is clogged will not function optimally, and this, in turn, will reduce the power of your vehicle. The throttle becomes clogged if you use low-grade fuel. So you might save some money by buying a poor grade of fuel, but in the long term, it will affect your car’s engine and your performance.

If you use a large throttle body, then you can improve the power output of your car. A larger throttle body helps because with a larger body; the fuel injection improves irrespective of the throttle position.

Ensure That The Engine Compresses The Cylinders Properly

The compression of the cylinders ensures that the energy generated from the fuel is efficiently converted into mechanical energy. When the engine becomes old, its ability to compress decreases due to the accumulation of wear and tear.

If overuse of the engine is reducing the efficiency of compression, then you can ask a mechanic to repair the wear and tear in the engine so that it compresses the cylinders properly and the car functions optimally.

It is easy to spot wear and tear on the engine. Some common signs to look for are bluish exhaust fumes or sudden drops in fuel levels in the fuel tank. Also, if the engine makes a weird cracking sound that you have never heard before, then you must get your engine checked for wear and tear.

Use A Turbocharger Or A Supercharger

The supercharger or turbocharger connects to the main body of the engine. When the engine works, the supercharger rotates very fast, and this, in turn, results in more effective pushing of air into the car’s motor. When more air enters the motor, the performance of your car increases, and your vehicle becomes more powerful.



All vehicles undergo wear and tear with time. Moreover, most models are programmed in such a manner that the different parts do not work to the maximum limit possible. So if you wish to get the maximum speed, torque, or acceleration, you must invest in the right performance-boosting components.

Most people go for a turbocharger or change the software of a car to boost performance. But such changes are expensive and can be risky if not implemented properly. Thus, you can adopt simple and cost effective measures like using synthetic lubricants, using a bigger cooler, or a bigger throttle to improve the way in which your car functions.