Adrian Peterson Finally Found His New Home

It has been a long and tough season for the running backs in the NFL. The teams are thinking that it is better to look for a quality back in the Draft rather than grabbing one in the free agent market, somebody that seems to be a star of the past. Adrian Peterson is one of those backs that struggled to find a new home, but he’s now finally found it.

Cowboys were rumored to be interested in him last year, he has even visited the New England Patriots a couple of weeks ago, but he left the defending champs’ facility without a deal in his hand. Finally, New Orleans Saints offered him a contract, and he was more than glad to sign it.

One of the best running backs ever and former league MVP is now a member of the New Orleans Saints as he has put his signature on the two-year deal that is worth 7 million dollars. Now, Peterson will have to prove that he still has something left in the tank and that he can stay on the field for the majority of the season.

The biggest reason for him not being signed much earlier is the fact that he hasn’t played in a whole lot of games in the past three years. There are some questions about his health and Saints know that. But, they were willing to take a shot on Peterson as they know that the reward can be pretty high if he turns out the way they want him to be and if he performs at a high level that he can. On the other hand, in their minds, this is not that big of a risk, so that is why they decided to pull the trigger on this Peterson deal.