5 Ways AI Can Make Escort Work Safer


Escort work is one of the oldest professions in the world, but it is still incredibly taboo, which can, unfortunately, lead to escort work being unsafe. But what if there was a way to ensure escorts’ safety and their clients? Well, AI may have the answers!

What is AI?

With huge innovations from OpenAI and features such as ChatGPT, AI has become a trending topic. It has also found its way into workplaces across the globe, helping teams in various industries produce content in a way that makes their lives easier.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that creates machines that can think, act and react like humans. AI can also use large amounts of data to make decisions or solve problems, often with greater speed and accuracy than humans. Regardless of how you use it, AI is advancing rapidly and is expected to revolutionise multiple sectors in the coming years, and the adult industry is not exempt from this.

What are escorts?

An escort sells their time and companionship to clients in exchange for money. They typically provide a range of services, from dinner dates to more intimate evenings with their clients. Thanks to the internet age, escorts are more accessible than before, with many advertising their services online. If you simply type London escorts or Glasgow escorts into a search engine, you will see a list of different agencies, all containing companions for hire.

The taboo nature of this form of work means escorts, despite their profession being legal in the UK, are less likely to go to the police if they face any issues with their safety, leaving many vulnerable to danger. AI, however, has the potential to help make escort work safer for everyone involved.

How AI Can Make Escort Work Safer

Automated customer messaging to provide useful safety tips and reminders


Automated customer messaging can remind customers of escort etiquette they may be unfamiliar with. Rather than endlessly searching blogs on the topic, they can receive convenient AI-generated reminders of the do’s and don’ts when they see an escort. Whilst these can not ultimately stop how certain people may behave, they can act as deterrents and reminders of unacceptable behaviour.

These automated messages may remind them of the following:

  • Respecting the escort’s boundaries
  • Treating them respectfully
  • Paying on time
  • Providing safety tips for both the customer and the escort.
  • To not pressure the companion for any services
  • To not harass the escort.
  • Provide escorts with additional information on where to report any suspicious or potentially dangerous customers.

AI-Powered Customer Monitoring to Detect Suspicious Behaviour

This technology uses artificial intelligence to analyse customer data, such as email, text messages and phone calls, to detect suspicious behaviour. It can also identify potential clients who may be threatening or have a history of violence/abuse or customers engaging in illegal activity, such as trafficking.

Furthermore, AI can detect patterns of behaviour threatening a dangerous situation, such as if a customer refuses to follow the agreed-upon terms. In such cases, AI can alert the escort of the potential danger to help them take appropriate action. All of this allows the companion to take action needed to get herself to safety before anything terrible happens.

Use AI-Powered Chatbots to provide customer support


Chatbots can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions from customers without human involvement. This can streamline customer support and reduce the number of interactions between customers and escorts, thus providing a safer working environment.

It is also beneficial for customer queries, helping them find answers to their questions more quickly without waiting for a human representative’s response.

Chatbots can also be programmed to provide customers with information about escort safety measures, such as particular safety protocols or warning signs that indicate a potential risk. Or they can inform clients about the local laws and regulations associated with escort work in their area. Either way, it gives clients all the information they need instantaneously so that clients and escorts alike are informed quicker than if they tried to seek all this information themselves.

Automated background checks of escorts and clients to weed out any high-risk individuals

Automated background checks are the perfect way to prevent high-risk individuals from employing escort services. Background checks can verify a person’s identity, criminal history, and other information, determining whether a client is a risk to an escort’s safety.

AI can conduct a database search of public records, such as criminal databases, sex offender registries, and court records, allowing for a quick, comprehensive overview of an individual’s past.

As a result, escorts can make an informed judgement about whether they wish to conduct business with these individuals. Knowing that a potential client has been vetted and is not considered a risk means that escorts can work more confidently and feel more comfortable in their work environment.

AI for Improved Escort Working Conditions


One of the ways AI can help the escort industry is by reducing human trafficking. By using AI algorithms, online escort platforms can detect and flag potentially dangerous or fraudulent ads, making it easier for law enforcement to identify and dismantle trafficking rings. Additionally, AI can also be used to screen clients, flagging those with a history of violence or abuse, and helping to keep workers safe.

Another way AI can make escort work safer is by providing workers with a more secure means of communication. Many escorts use personal phones to communicate with clients, putting themselves at risk of exposure and abuse. However, with AI-powered communication tools, workers can communicate with clients in a secure and anonymous manner, without having to give out their personal information. This not only protects their privacy, but also helps keep them safe by allowing them to screen clients and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

In conclusion, it has the potential to revolutionize the escort industry and make it a safer and more dignified place for workers. By reducing trafficking, improving communication and booking processes, and reducing stigma and discrimination, it can help to improve the lives of escort workers and provide them with the dignity and respect they deserve.