Airtel Launches New Cloud Platform, Connexion, Together with Microsoft


Airtel in India has partnered with Microsoft to create a cloud portfolio by launching Connexion. The partnership with Microsoft is for the Microsoft Azure Express Route, Bharti Airtel said in a statement.

The new service is expected to make sure that users will now have a much more secure, and scalable connection between enterprises. It also ensures a private connection with cloud service providers and data center partners.

Ajay Chitkara, Director and CEO at Global Business, Bharti Airtel said the creation of Connexion was a new platform for all the service providers and some of the businesses which aimed at making their IT infrastructure much agiler and flexible. The new Connexion was a guaranteed way to helping customers seamlessly and connect even more securely to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. They can do all this by bringing their network cost down and help improve their performance.

Airtel noted that the new service, Connexion was one of the best ways for businesses to maximize network performance over the cloud platform. Together with the Azure Express Route, businesses were now able to create private and secure connections between their infrastructure and Azure data centers. There is no use of the public internet by the Azure Express Route connection. Therefore, there is an offer for more reliability, greater speeds, lower latencies and much more security than the typical Internet connections people usually have.

Yousef Khalidi, the Distinguished Engineer for Networking at Microsoft Azure said, “Enterprises are increasingly leveraging the power of the cloud to empower their workforces and Microsoft is expanding its service for India and global customers. Our partnership with Airtel, the third largest global carrier, is a major step in this direction, and we hope to bring in an integrated and seamless experience for our mutual customers.”

The news is not only good for India but also for the region. Regional customers based in the Middle East, SAARC and APAC will also benefit due to the extensive and robust capabilities of Airtel in the mentioned regions. Just earlier this month, Airtel partnered with GBI, a networking player in order to increase the direct reach in West Asian countries.

The company is India’s largest telco service and is the third largest in the world. It offers global services in both the voice and data category which also includes the VAS service such as the International toll-free services and the SMS rubbing.

The company said that thanks to their strategically placed submarine cables and satellite networking they would be able to enable customers to connect to the world, even including those in hard-hit areas. It has a global network which runs 225,000 Rkms and covering 50 countries on 5 continents.