What Are AJ Styles Goals In The WWE?

Source: skysports.com

When we talk about the most popular superstars that WWE has on their roster, we can’t start the convo without mentioning AJ Styles. As soon as he made his debut during the Royal Rumble, he has been one of the fan favorites. There is a reason for him saying that Smackdown Live is the house “that AJ Styles” built. He has been phenomenal for the WWE in 2016, and they for sure have featured him on their programming in 2017 as well.

Recently, AJ Styles talked about his current run with the company. Even though he felt like he was just some new guy back when he started out, now he says that WWE is his home. This guy has learned the way they want to get things done here and has adjusted pretty well to what they are aiming to do. Styles just desire to be a part of the group, put his best foot forward and do as well as he can.


When it comes to some of the friends of his that have signed with the WWE in recent memory, he talked about Samoa Joe and how thrilled he is that he has been as successful as he has on Monday Night Raw. Samoa Joe is also on the record that he would like to face Styles at Wrestlemania, which is something that every WWE fan would like to see.

When it comes to the goals that he wants to reach, he is very specific and clear about that.

“There is the obvious milestone of main eventing WrestleMania. In the past, I have set things almost out of reach. That way if I reach that goal, then what an amazing trip that was. Then if I don’t, it was kind of out of my reach anyway. So, there are things like that I work to and look forward to. I always prepare for the next big thing.”