AJ Styles Got An Opponent For Wrestlemania 33

Source; bleacherreport.com

AJ Styles has been the MVP of the Smackdown Live brand ever since the company decided that they wanted to split the roster into two parts. Brand split was all about the opportunity, and there is nobody that made more of the opportunities that he got than The Phenomenal One. But, before last night, he was without an opponent for the Ultimate Thrillride that is Wrestlemania.

He did win the battle royal tiebreaker against Luke Harper and took Randy’s vacant spot in the main event of Wrestlemania. But, Orton changed his mind and was put in the match with AJ, with the winner facing Bray Wyatt at the grandest stage of them all. After losing that game, Styles was left out of the card and got pissed at Shane McMahon for, in his opinion, taking away his spot in Orlando.

Source; portskeeda.com

On this week’s edition of Smackdown, he was very vocal about where he should be placed on the grandest stage of them all. They scripted him to be ticked off the whole night and waiting for Shane to come into the building. He destroyed McMahon as soon as he got out of his car. Shane was left laid out, and the doctors had to help him go to the back.

Now, at the end of the show, Shane walked down the ramp and said that AJ Styles now has an opponent for Wrestlemania 33, meaning he is going to be the one that will step up to the plate and face AJ. This match was rumored to be happening for weeks as the company wants to have Shane on the card and the belief is that Styles is the best opponent for him as he is one of the best performers that WWE has. Now, this match is officially going to happen.