AJ Styles Retiring From Wrestling In Near Future?

Source: wwe.com

Nobody really knew how the company would handle the star that AJ Styles is when he made his WWE debut during the 2016 Royal Rumble. Everybody realized how big of a star outside of the WWE he became. But, that doesn’t mean much when it comes to how Vince McMahon wants to book somebody. It was a small surprise to see WWE having so much faith in Styles to put him on the main roster right away.

They let him do what he does best, and they let him get over with the fans. That was never a problem for the Phenomenal One. Less than two years with the company and he is already probably the most popular full-time performer that this company has.

A few years ago, Styles said that he would probably retire after he turns 42. According to him, when that happens, he would get to watch all the football, baseball games that he wants. He just needs to spend more time with his family.

Source: wikipedia.org

Right now, WWE Champion is 40, and his current deal expires in 2019, in early January. Does this mean that AJ Styles would really leave the company?

Well, if he doesn’t want to work full time, he could always negotiate an easier schedule when he signs his next deal. You know that he is in position to get more money from the WWE and the schedule that he wants since he has been amazing for the company.

Styles is an important wrestler for the company. Him leaving would make a huge hole in both WWE and on Smackdown Live that almost nobody could fill. AJ loves wrestling, and it is hard for us to imagine this guy leaving the company when he is still in his prime.