AJ Styles Reveals His Best Moment With WWE

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AJ Styles has done it all in the wrestling business. Everywhere he went, he won the main title and was the face of the company for a while. When you think of the history of the TNA, now GFW, you can easily say that they were at their best when Styles was the man for that company. You can even easily pick him to be their best wrestler of all time and the biggest star that they ever had.

His battles in the Ring Of Honor are not to be forgotten as that is where he also built his name and became as popular as he is today. The Bullet Club with New Japan Pro Wrestling was something that he helped create, and now, it is the biggest stable in the world of wrestling. By far the most popular. Fans that haven’t even seen them wrestle for a second know who the Bullet Club is. It is the house that AJ Styles built, just like Smackdown Live is.

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This guy has had many great moments throughout his career, and he continued doing big things in the WWE as he was already the WWE Champion and the United States Champion. But, AJ Styles didn’t list any of those moments as his biggest one with the World Wrestling Entertainment. When he was asked about it, here is what he had to say.

“My debut in the Royal Rumble was the biggest moment of my career. I was quite overwhelmed by the support shown by WWE fans and that is something I will never forget.”

He got a great reaction before even stepping a foot for a single second in the WWE. That showed him just how much the fans around the world appreciate him. That right there was also a proof of how great AJ Styles really is.