Akira Tozawa vs. Neville – Summerlsam Predictions

WWE kind of surprised everybody with the booking of a Cruiserweight Championship match on Monday Night Raw. There was a feeling that Akira Tozawa would win the title on Monday since it made no sense for that duel to be both on Raw and at Summerslam. Now that Tozawa is the champion, the creative team has the right to book this fight for the biggest party of the summer as the stakes, and the battle itself is not going to be the same like it was on Raw.

Neville has been an amazing champion. To be quite honest, nobody should have taken away the title from him. Nobody in that division is believable enough and credible enough to beat a guy like him. But, as you know, somebody had to take him down eventually, and they haven’t built up anyone outside of Austin Aries that is not with the company anymore. Because of that, they had to pick some baby face, and they went with Tozawa since he is somewhat over with the crowd.

Source: wwe.com

The WWE has placed this match on the Preshow, which was expected since they don’t really think a lot of the Cruiserweight division. The two guys that are going to be fighting for the title are more than capable of putting on a good show, but the company doesn’t really care about this division. We think that Neville is going to take his title back at Summerslam, but we would be surprised if they don’t put a nice twist to this storyline after the end of the battle. Could Titus Brand turn heel on Tozawa? That would be a good thing for the division as it would build some interest.