Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) And Sequans Communications (SQNS) Collaborate To Develop Technology For IoT

Alcatel-Lucent SA (ADR) (NYSE:ALU) and Sequans Communications (SQNS) have come together to develop the technology for “Internet of Things”. This time, the collaboration is centered on providing the 4G kit for IoT for the new “Internet of Things prototyping platform” by Orange. This venture by the three companies is expected to stimulate increasing interest in the field of 4G connectivity for IoT.

The communications operator Orange announced the “4G for IoT kit” at the “Futur-en-Seine” event held at Paris. The kit uses LTE chipsets provided by Sequans Communications (NYSE:SQNS) and the technical implementation of the kit is done by Bell Labs, a research arm of Alcatel-Lucent (NYSE:ALU). The project was initiated at Bell Labs, where different companies were invited to work with 4G network of Orange. After a year of testing, Alcatel- Lucent has finally delivered the final product.

200 Kits Available For Developers

Around 200 kits have been tested so far and these are available for developers to use. Communities that focus on innovation in Internet of Things will be able to test this kit as well. The main goal of this project is to encourage the wirelessly connected objects. Developers are encouraged to fully utilize remote computing, storage and scalable resources. The kit supports the 4G LTE network of Orange and it is equipped with plug-in antennas.

The Collaboration

Sequans Communications (NYSE:SQNS) is a leading 4G chip maker in the world. The company has developed six generations of 4G technology since its inception in 2003. This Paris based LTE chip maker also specializes in providing connectivity to internet of things devices.

Alcatel-Lucent is a company that specializes in cloud computing. The company engages in open innovation to promote technological growth in the internet of things devices. Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans Communications (NYSE:SQNS) commented that both the companies are happy to collaborate on this venture and they will continue to make LTE efficient for IoT devices.