Aleister Black Becomes The NXT Champion!

Aleister Black is one of the guys in the WWE that has the most potential in the future. There is no doubt that the company signed him as the big star and they have treated him like one ever since he made his debut. Nobody kicks out of his finisher. That is something that WWE is going to save and use as a special move. You can make the case that it is as sudden as the RKO. That is why nobody is getting up after the Black Mass is executed.

There were questions about whether or not he is ever going to become the champion since his character was so good that he doesn’t even need the title to be successful. We had a chance to check how good of a storyline he had with Velveteen Dream. WWE could have just saved him for the main roster. Vince McMahon really likes what he sees in him, and there is a chance that he gets to Raw or Smackdown without losing the match.

Well, the chances are lower now since he will have to somehow lose the title, but it can be done without him dropping the belt. Just take a look at how WWE handled Asuka.

Black and Almas had a great showdown. The finishing sequence was so good as he was able to dodge Vega’s attack, get off another Black Mass which was enough for him to win the belt in a great battle between the two of the best that NXT has to offer.

We expect that he is going to hold onto that title for quite a while. On the other hand, we are likely going to see Almas on the main roster sooner rather than later. He and Vega look like a great pairing for the Smackdown Live.