(VIDEO) Alex Jones will give his support to Dwayne The Rock Johnson in the 2024 elections!


Since Donald Trump came to the White House and became the President of the United States of America much of the people became outraged, and the latest one in line is Alex Jones who is seriously thinking of giving his support to the movie/wrestling superstar Dwayne The Rock Johnson. If you are wondering why Infowars founder Alex Jones made this decision, then we will tell you that it is because of Trump’s willingness to leave a border wall out of a DACA deal.


If you recall Alex Jones was one of the Trump’s earliest and loudest supporters and before President Trump declared that his “reputation is amazing” he was, believe it or not, just a simple conspiracy theorist who barely existed. But something new happened here that ticked Alex off, and as we found out, he is about to leave the president Trump train and board The Rock express. There is one more side here, that is very well hidden, and it’s the fact that Alex is calculating just how much a role of Trump booster (which paid off pretty good so far) is good for business right now and just how good it will be in the future.

In a video that was posted sometime last Friday Alex goes about a few current things, among which are Trump’s DACA decision and Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and here is what we found interesting in Jones’s vid – “I don’t really like Hollywood. I’m sick of it. It’s so fake. It’s empty. But I do like The Rock. I mean I like his movies; my kids like his movies. Reportedly, behind the scenes, he’s a really likable guy, a hard-working guy. And he’s supposedly pretty conservative but in a populist vein. So that’s a good thing. And he said about a month ago he’s considering a run for the presidency in 2024.

And the way Trump’s going, if he betrays his base, I think there’s one guy that’s got more real star appeal and people appeal than even Donald Trump, and that’s Dwayne Johnson. And if Trump dynamites his own base and starts selling out to the Democrats, then I would back Dwayne Johnson running against Donald John Trump, and I think most Americans would as well.”


According to what Alex said next, it seems that he is not ready to leave the Trump train yet. He walked through the halls of his Austin studios and as he approached the sign that wrote “Make America Great Again” and he deliberately paused there and said that “will still leave this up, even if Trump goes sideways on us, because it’s part of American history.” But there is something else to the video which will make it an instant hit (if it already isn’t). As you will see Jones, after showing his memorabilia collection, went on and grabbed his breakfast taco, and he did it without any sense of irony. What followed that is even more hilarious, we saw Jones’s sudden entrance through the door that clearly wrote: “Leave Me Closed!” All of this shows Jones’s, well let’s say, funny side but he is actually a person that is best to have by your side, and that is probably what Trump will do, or should do?! If you recall he is the sole person who predicted back in 2015 that it is the right time to board the Trump train and now he is predicting (or hinting) that it is time to jump off that train. In the end of his vid, he posted one question that made us think – “Should we start drafting Dwayne Johnson, who already says he’s getting ready to run, to replace Donald Trump?”

Check out the entire video that Jones posted and tell us what do you think!