Alexa Bliss Didn’t Want To Be A Heel At First?

Now, when we look at some of the characters in the WWE like Bayley, we can’t imagine her being anything else than a clear-cut babyface. There are a couple of superstars that we really can’t see as heels like Bayley and Sami Zayn as they have some natural babyface traits and they were successful as faces at first. There has to be a great storytelling in order for the fans to bash these two.

But, when you have a lovable character that is really not catching on with the fire, is not that hard to imagine them turning as face role clearly wasn’t working for them. Charlotte is one of those people that was okay as a good girl, but her height and just athletic superiority is something that screams villain. Now, she is much better as a heel, and the hope is that WWE keeps her that way.

One of the stars that also switched from being a clear-cut face to cocky heel is Alexa Bliss. She is now striving as a villain on the main roster, but at first, this girl did admit that she was nervous when she was turning. Here is what she had to say about that.

“It’s a lot of fun. When I first was told that I was turning heel I had such mad anxiety because the character that I portrayed before that was very bubbly, very princess, completely not relatable whatsoever and when I was told I was turning heel I had mad anxiety over it because I was like ‘oh my gosh, I don’t know how to be mean. I don’t know how to literally just make someone just, like, hate me and I would have anxiety over it’.”

Her feeling this way is completely understandable. It’s not easy to switch up and play a character that doesn’t fit you. It brings a lot of uncertainty since you have to make it work or who knows, you might not get another shot. In the case of Alexa Bliss, there is no doubt that she ran with the ball that the company gave her on the main roster.