Alexa Bliss Praising Women’s Divisions On Both Brands

Even though Alexa Bliss is a cocky heel on Monday Night Raw, when she is doing an interview, she is, of course, not in her character. When she recently talked the Courier Journal, she discussed the women in the WWE and the divisions on Raw and Smackdown Live. There is no doubt that women’s wrestling is at its best ever since the Women’s Revolution started in 2015.

“I think both brands are amazing in their own ways. Sometimes SmackDown could be overlooked as Raw is branded as the flagship show, but both of our divisions are solid. Neither of our divisions have a weak link. We all step up our game and we all show time and time again why we are all part of women’s revolution that’s going on right now. We are all taking the game, changing it and keeping it going.”

A good argument can be made that the women’s roster is pretty deep in the WWE. Girls on Smackdown have been used much better than superstars on Raw, but that might change after these small tweaks that divisions got with this Superstar shakeup. There is a lot of possibilities for new feuds, so we will see what the company does with wrestlers like Emma, or Alexa on Raw.

The same thing can be said for Smackdown Live. Bliss was the star of that division, but now somebody else will have the chance to shine. WWE will give the ball to one of those women, and one of them is going to take it and run with it.