Alexa Bliss Reveals All About Her Wrestling Journey


Alexa Bliss made her debut on the main roster after the brand split happened last summer. The NXT didn’t really have big plans for her, she was not going to be in the women’s main event picture down there, and the company felt that the best thing for her was to move on to Smackdown Live. Even though they really didn’t have big plans for her, Alexa made the most of the opportunity that she was presented. Now, she is the only women to be Smackdown Live and Raw Women’s champion.

When she arrived in the developmental, Alexa just wanted to earn some respect from her peers. She was not wrestling on the indies before she came to WWE and she was not a proven wrestler. Just a prospect and a former fitness competitor. Many others had had some experiences in the wrestling business before they signed. Bliss was there to prove that she can cut it in this business.


At first, she tells us that she has been struggling with her promos and that her mom was the one to help her a lot in that department. If you look at her promo ability now, you can see that she is one of the best there is when it comes to expressing her feelings in a segment. True heel character to the core.

In an interview, she talked about her best friend on the roster and how she is helping her do her job to the best of her abilities.

“She’s very loud; I’m very quiet. We balance each other out like crazy. We’ll call each other out on crap all the time, we’ll joke around nonstop. I’ve always been friends with people like Nia. I’ve always been. I love Nia, she is amazing. She’s outgoing, she’s funny, we joke around all the time, we quote Bridesmaids like its going out of style, it’s the best.”